Question about Selenium and Iodine

I have a question about the actual mcg amounts (not the percentage but the microgram amounts) of selenium and iodine in huel.

I am asking because I am taking a natural thyroid supplement to try to help with my hashimotos and I do not want to be taking too much selenium or iodine in conjunction with the huel. I consume a little over 1 cup of huel per day, and eat a normal dinner.

Thanks in advance for any advice that you can provide.

Has the info for both selenium and iodine in micrograms.

Where is the mcg? Because I just see percentages…

Selenium 20mcg, Iodine 30mcg (per 100g Huel). That’s for Vanilla 2.3 though they’re all about the same as expected.

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Yeah, its there in black and white…not hard to find. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well I must be daft. I have yet to see it on either nutritional label. Or on the bag itself.

That’s okay I can take it…all I wanted to know was the micrograms to know if it was safe to keep taking my supplement.

You have answered my question for me!


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An answer from the man himself! Thanks so much for answering me! This is a great product. I replace two meals per day it is comforting to know I can do that and still take my thyroid supplement and not go over the recommended levels in iodine and selenium! I don’t know why I couldn’t find that label that you posted on the site…

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You may also find this article useful. All the selenium in Huel is from the main ingredients - none is added. Nearly all the iodine is added.

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Great stuff! Thank you!!!

Oh, I always thought Selenium was just for software testing.: )