Gastric band and Huel

I am on day one of using Huel, I have a gastric band which I’ve had for 10 years . I’m not trying to lose weight but decided to use Huel as I can’t eat enough of all food groups to get my nutrients. I have very low energy levels , if I loosen the band I just eat more gain weight and still do not get all the nutrients. So I saw Huel on Facebook and thought it would be a really good solution. Has any body else here had any gastric surgery?

I had a sleeve gastrectomy 6 years ago, and have gotten into bad grazing habits in the past year and am regaining weight. I started Huel last week for breakfast and lunch to try and break my snacking and carb craving cycle, and ensure I’m getting everything I need nutrient wise. Really hope it helps, I don’t want to be a sleeve failure! Best of luck Danni, let me know how you get on. X