Huel with Gastic bypass

Hi all i’m new to using Huel, been lurking on the fringe of giving it a go for a number of months and today i place my first order to see if it helps with my nutrition. basically in 2013 i was 30 stone and underwent gastric bypass. 18 month later with the operation and exercise i was down to 13 stone, and i have been able to maintain the weight quite successfully. these days my activity consists of a bit of gym work and a lot of cycling and not just the casual kind! training and competing in road races. but my diet has been a bit sporadic and not as nutritionally balanced as it should be, hasn’t helped much in that in the past year i’ve been getting some IBS with anything that contains dairy, Buscopan has been a life saver for this. i also take calcium and multivitamins daily as well as vitamin B12 injection every 8 weeks as well as food supplements to help with training.

so basically i’m looking at using Huel to see if it can help manage my diet and weight, and just wanted to say hi and introduce myself to the forum and also wondered if any other Gastric Bypass people were on here and wondered how you found using Huel so any hints and tips would be great.


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Bloody hell, congratulations on the weight loss. That’s outstanding!!

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Fantastic progress

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probably should have put a before and after, so here you go:




Outstanding sir, hats off to you. Got so much time for those who take the time to change their lives in such a way.

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Wow well done! Hopefully there’s others in a similar situation who can comment. Have you tried using the search tool? I’m sure I’ve seen gastric bypass mentioned on here before

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That’s bloody fantastic!

Read your initial post earlier and the numbers were impressive,but pictures really make it clear just how impressive the change is.

Great stats on Strava too.

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Well it’s arrived :+1: mixed one up ready for the morning, sneaky taste test and actually ok :thinking:


See you went for coffee, not my favourite though I find it ok. If I want coffee flavoured i go for 400 ml cold water, 3 x scoops original vanilla with 1 1\2 teaspoons instant coffee - lovely stuff!

yeah i went for 2x vanilla and 1x coffee on its own, i did consider what you suggest but wasn’t sure how the coffee with vanilla would mix or taste but will try it as well. i also got the flavor testers to mix thing up a bit and see what works.

the main test for me is how my re-plumbed digestive system handles the Huel, fortunately or unfortunately depending how you look at it! i’m off for a few weeks with a busted collarbone and ribs following a MTB crash at the forest of Dean last week ago. so i’m not too far away from the WC in case of emergencies :laughing:

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