Gastric Bypass

My friend has had a gastric bypass three years ago, and has to take vitamin supplements every day as she suffers malabsorption of nutrients, could Huel help her at all?

Id love to get her on it with me :slight_smile:

Hi :wave:t2: I have no idea but would think Huel would be better than what she is eating? Is the bypass the one where you have to eat small blended portions afterwards?
I have lots of problems tolerating foods myself and have to take a lot of vitamins and supplements but don’t when I just stick to Huel which I’m back to doing. I feel loads better on it too. Hope that helps! x


Yes she has a roux en y or something a very small stomach - she finds it hard to get enough nutrition -
I love the idea of making cookies but for me it defeats the object of trying to not eat naughty things- I just wonder how many meals a day of 3 scoops you need to have to have optimum nutrition ?

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I’m fairly active, I have about 9 scoops I think and fruit as snacks. I tend to do the eat when I’m hungry thing :grin: so have 2 scoops at a time
I think it’s worth her maybe trying a sample and seeing how she gets on?