Post op Gastric Bypass

Hey Guys,
Well I made the jump, and sitting in my hotel in Lithuania 2 days after having a Roux-en-y Gastric bypass surgery.
I am 17.5st pre op with a goal of 11-12st.
I arrive home to the UK on Sunday night, and want to start on my Huel products straight away.
Can anyone give me any tips to ‘easing’ into Huel, 7 days post op?
Currently on sipping water and yoghurt.
Thanks so much :blush:

I can’t give insights into recovery but be careful if you plan to jump all in.

Some people find that if they go from no huel to just huel the can have stomach issues at the best of time and i can only imagine that would be made worse post surgery.

Therefore its recommended to swap one meal to huel and try it for a week before swapping a second.

Honestly, I jumped in straight away but that’s because I realised how unhealthy my diet was at the time, was basically shock therapy to eat healthier.

Since then, I’ve converted to a 100% Huel diet and never looked back. Huel tastes amazing, nothing even comes close to it.

  • Breakfast and Dinner turned into Black Edition
  • Lunch turned into Hot and Savoury (sweet and sour is god-tier)
  • Snacks turned into nutritious Huel bars

My stomach could take every takeaway on the planet without giving in. However, I completely agree with @Blobbymatt as it is basically a new diet and not all stomachs react the same. You should slowly ease into Huel as it can come with some minor side effects if you rush.

The most common side effects people mention of is wind or in the worst case bloating. Because of this, I’d recommend implementing Huel into your diet slowly. The official Huel documentation here states that:

Whatever you do, make sure to gradually build up your Huel intake. Your body needs time to adjust to change in your diet, so start with 1 Huel meal a day, and add 1 more every 3-5 days until you reach your ideal balance.

If you want to go 100% Huel, I’d recommend briefly reading this here, Huel did a research into a 100% Huel diet and discovered it lowered blood cholesterol and had numerous other benefits.

All food post gastric bypass should be introduced with caution. I would hope that the clinical staff have warned you about dumping syndrome which can affect blood pressure and glucose level meaning you’ll feel faint. You’ll need to ‘develop’ a new digestive response to food.

Huel is useful due to its low GI (caveat: the GI of a food may differ in gastric bypass). Start slowly, one scoop in water and sip this slowly. After 2-3 days, then one scoop twice a day, again slowly.

If you have access toa blood glucose monitor, then I’d check your BMs 3 x per day for the first few weeks until you get used to your ‘new’ system.

(My friend lost over 11 stone in just over a year with a similar op and feels great!)

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