How to use Huel after gastric bypass?

Hi all, Huel newbie and and completely overwhelmed by the amount info on best brands, nutritional requirements, ingredients… :tired_face:
I’m 1wk post gastric bypass - asked my nutritionist if I could use huel as part of my transition to solid foods and beyond, she said ‘Huel is great, go for it’ …but where do I start!?
Tried the premade chocolate shake (a very welcome relief from actimel) but the bottles are WAY more than I can take and only last 12hrs once open.

Just need some hand holding and guidance to get me through these first steps on my Huel journey… so I get the right products to maximise my nutritional intake on a very limited scale.

Thank you in advance to anyone that reads :heart:

Hi - there a few threads on this - like this one with some advice from James:

hope all goes well for you!

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Hey @NicDee

Firstly, wishing you all the best with your post-op journey. I worked in bariatrics previously and I’ve seen how challenging it can be post-op to meet daily needs (both for protein and for fluid). It’s amazing to hear that you are looking to figure it all out and have a team to assist along the way too.

With regard to Huel and which might be the best option post-op - I’d recommend post-op to start with either Huel Black Edition or Huel Complete Protein to assist in meeting your protein goals daily. They do have differences in ingredients so that may be something to check out too.

  • 1 scoop of Huel Black Edition would provide 20 grams of protein and 200kcal
  • 1 scoop of Huel Complete Protein would provide 20 grams of protein and 105kcal

You can always mix the powders with a bit less fluid if you find it’s too much fluid to drink at once, but you still want to be sure you are meeting your fluid goals daily, especially considering that Huel is high in fiber.

You can also do a combination of the two powders (Black Edition and Complete Protein) to change it up a bit and do one scoop of one in the morning and then alternate throughout the day until you meet your needs.

As James also mentioned in his previous post, you want to be sure you sip slowly over the course of 20-30 minutes or so rather than gulping it down and to do one scoop at a time.

If you don’t mind me asking, what does your post-op diet progression look like as it can vary from one hospital and surgeon to the next? What do your protein/fluid goals look like each day?

And as always, best to check in with your team too if you are unsure which Huel would be best too!

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Thank you so much for your advice! :heart:
So this is the basic notes from my nutritionist;

First week
Only liquids!

Every 2-3h try to sip 50-75ml of protein shake or plain, low fat drinkable yogurt (soya also fits!), but rest of the time you should sip only water. You can also use ready made meal replacements with high protein content and maximally less fat and carbs.

Aim for this week is to get at ~ 1l of water per day.

If you feel dizzy, please have some juice diluted with water or small drinkable yogurt with added flavour (=sugar).

You can have a lukewarm tea, but please avoid really hot and cold drinks.
Strict no to all fizzy drinks and chewing gum for ever.

Second week
Smoothie week

6 meals

Regularly, every 2,5-3h
100-125ml each meal

~60g of protein daily

Breakfast - 100-125ml of smoothie made from 1tbsp oatmeal + 1/4 banana + 2-3 strawberries + protein powder and/or yogurt + water.

Second breakfast - 100-125ml protein shake.

Lunch - 100-125ml cream soup from lentils or silken tofu + 2-3 kind of vegetables (zucchini, carrot, onion; no salt or spices!!!). Other option is to make vegetable cream soup and add plain protein powder in it.

Afternoon snack - again 100-125ml smoothie

Dinner - again 100-125ml of cream soup

Evening snack - again 100-125ml of protein shake or just plain soya yogurt (+ you can add some more protein powder).

If thicker consistency is difficult to tolerate, please continue for 2-3 days only liquids and then try again with smoothies.

I’m currently taking iron, calcium, vit D, B12 and a multivitamin.

My hope is to have homemade soup 2x, 2x homemade smoothie (all with added protein if required) and 2x Huel shakes and/or hot and savoury blended - if that’s suitable.
No salt, spice, sugar allowed yet and was advised at this stage to keep carbs to a minimum as it’s already a struggle to get enough in… as she said (and it’s so true) it’s about conscious ‘eating’ and if I can incorporate the right Huel products into that, then in my mind that’s half the battle sorted!

Hey @NicDee

Happy to help here! :slight_smile: Huel seems like it can fit into the plan you were given and help you to achieve your daily protein goal too.

I wouldn’t advise Hot and Savory to start (even blended) due the fact that it’s higher in carbs. Immediately post-op, this may not be tolerated and you want to focus on getting in protein first, as your nutritionist also mentioned!

I’d suggest either 1 scoop of Black Edition or Complete Protein at a time, depending on when you’re having it and what else you’re having too.

Wishing you all the best and let us know how everything goes!

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Thank you for all your advice, I’m trying to use Huel shakes once a day - still adjusting to it as well as transition onto soft foods.
It’ll be a test and adjust process but will definitely continue :heart:

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