Genuine question: what does Huel mean by Dont Be a Dick?

its playing on my mind

id rather put it to bed and get an answer


best I can tell was on one of their social media feeds:

“Don’t be a dick’ is part of our ‘How to be a Hueligan’ rules at HQ, and it’s about showing up (to work), having integrity (at work) and being authentic (with your coworkers)”


I assumed Julian has a nemesis called Richard.


Alternatively ‘Don’t be a P, Rick’

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Heh I used to work in a law firm where the unwritten rule for the corporate (M&A) team about how we conduct our day to day work with one another and our support teams was pretty much “Just don’t be a dick”.

Amusingly the 10+years qualified lawyer I shared an office with was called Richard heh.

Great chap though, stepped in as best man for my most recent wedding.

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(This was my random thought for the day #227 for those keeping count).

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ppl might notice something else in it…

you might not realise but its offensive to dicks…

as if being a dick is a problem ?

i mean what is being a dick ?

what does it really mean…?

im not too sure that its a positive message…

huel is awesome but “dont be a dick” is a problem to solve…

dicks are good…


I don’t think they’re concerned about employees becoming actual penises. If they are, there must be some serious witchcraft happening in that place.

I agree it’s not a positive message. It’s a stupid attempt to be edgy. But it’s not used in their marketing (anymore?) so only Huel employees need to worry about it.

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In German “dick” means big/fat/corpulent.
So only slender people are allowed there?

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i mean vaginas are good too…

its non duality…

sex isnt a clash of two opposing enemies.

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Seriously guys, this is being deeply overthought. A vague, throwaway comment echoing a sentiment that just about anyone thinks.

Maybe the language in use is a little unfortunate given the high profile of huel but ultimately it really doesn’t even the move the needle on the botheredometer.

Let’s move on.


it could possibly be causing a problem ?

i want the best for huel…

i have good intentions.

In this context referring to someone as a ‘dick’ is almost certainly using the commonly accepted abbreviation of ‘dickhead’ (a common insult in modern English). Thus, calling someone a ‘dick’ is not the same as calling them a penis.

Furthermore, if the intention was to be referring to a penis this would clearly be considered absurd (as it would be impossible for someone to actually be a penis).

In neither case can this present a problem in the manner you suggest of referring to male genitalia as ‘bad’. You’re looking for problems where they do not exist.

You say that, but what if something happened? We don’t know what kind of science they get up to at Huel HQ. Maybe they spliced some genes in the wrong place and got some giant sentient knobs running around the place. Maybe it’s like werewolves but instead of wolves it’s willies, and instead of the presence of a full moon it’s the absence of a sign that says “Don’t be a dick”.

Not on my watch, kiddo.

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See I’d tend to disagree with that. I don’t think many people walk around silently intoning “don’t be a dick” to themselves as a mantra because being a dick isn’t the default way to be. Honestly; I really dislike the suggestion that people need to be constantly reminded to be reasonable.

But then I have spoken to Huel’s customer support a couple of times, so maaaaaaybe… Lol kidding!

Anyway. Can you imagine a bank having “Don’t steal our money” painted in three foot tall letters in their offices? These things are so obvious they don’t need painting on a wall to look edgy.

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Think we all need to put in effort to not be offended by everything, instead of putting in effort to figure out if everything is offensive. None of us will survive if we all try to get offended.

Anyway, the idea of using “don’t be a dick/jerk/ass” etc as a webforum rule, slogan or informal contract has been going around for decades. And colloquialisms like dick/jerk/ass mean exactly what we all already know they mean, and don’t need dissecting.





you should probably only start worrying about it when it gets to a point like Google who used to have an internal mantra of ‘don’t be evil’. They have recently removed any reference to this anywhere because they are now a big evil empire, so it’s become part of the job description as opposed to a no no :slight_smile:

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what behaviour constitutes to being a dick?