Product name and spanish markets

So I’ve been using Huel for a month or so now and I’ve been enjoying it thus far.
These last few days I’ve been back home in Spain and it just so happens that I wore my huel tshirt at home.
My brother instantly laughed at me. I couldn’t understand what was so funny about my huel tshirt…

until it dawned on me… huel™ a little unfortunately sounds almost exactly as “huele” which means “I smell (bad)”.

Just the funny thought of today.
maybe add “human fuel” as a subtitle underneath the big HUEL ? :smile:

Otherwise it was quite funny…

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Makes me think of something like this:

I suppose the probability of this sort of happening is quite high considering we now sell into about 40+ countries, as least the word is Huele and not Huel.

Julian, the funny thing is that never ever I thought of “huele” when looking at Huel.
Only after my brother told me is that I read Huele everytime. I have the bug on me already :slight_smile: !!!

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