So my coworker started laughing at me while I was drinking huel, he is russian and it turns out that huel in russian means di** :smiley:



I’ve being trying to get Siri to recognise the word ‘Huel’ but it’s not happening. It thinks I’m saying school or fuel or you’ll or kill or yawn or chew or cool.
I’ve had to put it in my settings that when I say ‘hey Siri I’m cool’ it takes me to the Huel website.
I guess I could also try saying ‘In Russia I’m a di**’ :laughing:

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Thanks for sharing this, amazing :rofl:

Ooh, there’s more…I just scrolled down :open_mouth::flushed::dizzy_face:

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Eat a d*ck just got a new meaning

Not vegan then.

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Depends, if the d*ck consents…

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D*ck. You do mean duck don’t you? :thinking::grin:

Deck, actually. Thou shalt not step onto a man’s deck without consent. It’s boat 101.


Lol the word is хуй and it sounds more like “Huiy” than Huel, but yep your colleague is not the only one.

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