Get this young man some Huel


I seen that myself earlier he definitely needs Huel, what an awful diet he has had I wonder what his parents have to say about it.

Makes me wonder how many other young people are headed that way.

TBH i think it is partly the parents fault this child started having problems at 14 years old.

At that age the parents should have been controlling what the child ate and not giving him crisps and chips all the time.

My Sons only 5 but he often sits at the table for over an hour until he decides to eat what i put in front of him, because i refuse to make him anything else.

I feel like I’ve seen that Calvin and Hobbes strip

OMG! :open_mouth:

I had a friend who was suffering anorexia and pretty much JUST ate ready salted crisps and cheese and tomato pizza :confused: not good!


There can be a lot of psychological problems caused by forcing kids to eat food they don’t like or rewarding / punishing them. It is not always easy. This kid was given supplements but stopped taking them. Drs. Didn’t spot the problems until too late. Seems like it was more than a dislike of varied food but he hated the textures of most foods. That is a bit more than being fussy. Sounds like it was a complex situation.

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Yeah I think @hunzas is spot on here.
Some people have really serious eating disorders. We all hear about anorexia and bulimia but there are many other complex and devastating eating disorders that are less well known.
It’s actually a fairly common one: finding it impossible to eat anything that isn’t ‘beige’.
Sounds weird but it often starts as a child and may be triggered by a choking incident, or severe stomach bug for example, which triggers a severe phobia to a whole range of foods which feel ‘unsafe’.

Having volunteered (years ago) for a charity that supported people with exactly these kinds of eating disorders / food phobias, it was extremely common for the only safe foods to be potatoes and bread.

It’s actually occurred to me many times since discovering Huel that being beige and a drink, Huel could actually be life-saving for this group of people.
It would be interesting to hear the experiences of anyone suffering from one of these conditions who has tried introducing Huel into their diet…

I wish I was still working in that field. I’d love to know if Huel could help


The child has a condition called avoidant food intake disorder, it’s a genuine condition that’s much more than just picky eating.

This is an extreme case but they should have been referred to a dietitian for help and it appears this didn’t occur.