15yr old underweight ASD poor eater

Hi. New to Huel. My 15 yr old son is prepared to give Huel a try. He eats very poorly, very few foods very bland and has a very low appetite and is very thin and at I think 7 stone something and 5ft 10, I need to get more in him. Can I buy some tasters or receive any advice. Today is a typical day and he has had a bowl of sugary cereal semi skimmed milk, one small cream cheese sandwich with crisps and two crumpets butter and mug of tea. He will probably eat some sweets late tonight.
He is high functioning ASD but very very sensory sensitive.

Sounds like it would be well worth getting him some Huel. Maybe the ‘Bestseller Bundle’ so he can try a few different options and see what he likes best. If he’s not keen on any of it you can always enjoy it yourself so it won’t be wasted.

Does he like thick milkshakes? A Salted Caramel Huel shake, served chilled with a straw, might be just the thing. :grinning:

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Hi Emma, unfortunately we don’t offer any samples.

I agree with @epicure that the bestseller bundle maybe best for your son. If he typically has a chocolate cereal for breakfast he could try the chocolate flavours. In terms of texture the powder products have more of a texture than RTD which is smoother so you may find he prefers one over the other.

It sounds like lunch or dinner are the best meals to target to get him eating more. The sweeter powder and RTD flavours are flavoured with natural flavours and a sweetener so if he prefers sweet over savoury you could give that a go.

You can get individual bottles of the ready to drink version in some supermarkets and Holland and Barret so you could maybe start off trying with those to see if it’s something he would like.

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Thank you both. I’ll order that and go from there with it and see if any work for him.