Huel Black Samples for an Autistic Customer

Hi all! New here but been aware of Huel for several years now and have been on the fence about trying.

I’ve been looking for a decent shake to supplement my current diet, especially now as I have started strength training, but I really struggle with a lot of different tastes and textures due to sensory processing differences associated with being autistic. Most shakes I’ve found have always tasted really “grainy” or like they’re coating my mouth in chalk. And I’m quite particular about flavours, as well (although I’m a sweet tooth, so fingers crossed I’ll find something I like! Or I’ll just mix in golden syrup and hope for the best lol).

I have been considering trying the Huel Black edition as it doesn’t contain oats so hopefully will have a decent texture, plus I’ll be mixing with milk not water, which it says makes it taste smoother. But £50 is a LOT of money for something I may not even be able to swallow. I’m really disappointed to see that Huel don’t offer samples, so I thought I’d turn to the forums.

If you are autistic and have similar struggles with taste and texture: do you use Huel Black edition? How do you find it?

And for anyone who uses Huel Black: would you be willing to share a portion or two of vanilla and/or salted caramel flavour powder with me? I would pay for postage and the equivalent cost of the powder so you’re not out of pocket! This way I could taste it for myself and see if I can handle it! I am based in mainland UK.

Hope this topic is appropriate! All the best, LMGACE.

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I am also autistic and have similar concerns about the powder as I have difficulties with textures and tastes (which is why I am using Huel in the first place). I am using the RTD at the moment which you can but as individual bottles in Sainsbury’s or Tesco before ordering. I really like it so have not yet moved to the (far more cost-effective) powder, but it might give you an idea of how you find the taste.

Maybe someone can answer as to how the textures compare between Black with milk and RTD…

Good luck!

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I would try finding a local hueligan and buy 90g, put your city/ region here. I’ve seen flavours on eBay in individual portions as well.

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The RTD is a good one to try but it does have a completely different texture to the Black or White edition (both of which are quite grainy). Ready made is much creamier and leaves a slightly silky, creamy coating in your mouth. The other two I would say are more like thin liquidised porridge and are nice when the weather is cold -especially mixed partly with hot water as you can vary the thickness.

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Hey! Could you drop us an email at and put ‘FAO Cam’ in the subject line - I’d be more than happy to chat further and help you out. :blush:

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Hey I’m autistic and a new Huel user. Whilst I cannot bear yoghurt with pieces of fruit in, or orange juice with bits, I find Huel perfectly fine. The texture is quite grainy and thick, but it’s consistent from start to finish, if you know what I mean. Also from my limited experience I would like to add that the chocolate version doesn’t taste like chocolate (not reordering that flavour) but the banana tastes beautiful and I could literally live on that all day long


If you use a blender you can make it very smooth.

I always use a blender!!! Wouldn’t dream of not using one :grin: