Not eating enough

Hi all, my daughter is 15 but we are really struggling to get enough calories down her as she is a really fussy eater. Both me and her mum are worried to death about her as she is just looking like a bag of bones at the moment. Her muscle mass is next to nil shoulders are just bones. I know a lot of people will see this as a phase but we need to get something down her. Can anyone recommend the best huel product please.

Thanks all

It’s tough, I know as a niece of mine has suffered from eating disorders and caused us no end of worry.

I can’t give any clinical advice but whatever is going to work best is most likely to be whatever she prefers. That’s how we did it, basically got her curious and she tried some.

Fortunately she loved my black edition chocolate with mocha flavour boost as well as my coffee caramel bars so I’ve been able to give her some supplies and, interestingly, it has encouraged her to eat other things in addition. Mainly soups and stews but it’s a start.

When I make my order for more hot & savoury I’ll be including a couple of extra bags for her as she tried my Thai green curry and loved it but I only had half a bag left.

I really wish you luck, it’s awful to see someone you care about go through, but there can be light at the end of the tunnel.


Hey Tom,

You’re best to chat with your GP and go through this with them. You and your partner don’t have to do this alone.


Yeah sorry I should have recommended the GP route above all. Mea culpa.

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Things to think about (which I don’t expect you to answer here) are as follows:
Any sudden changes to household diet?
When did food intake dramatically reduce?
Was this around a particular event such as poor physical or mental health?
Pre-existing medical conditions?
Trouble swallowing?
Is she actually underweight not just visually observed ie determined by BMI, skin calliper etc.
Is daily calorie intake substantially below what it should be ie 15% or more.

If she likes the Huel combo’s she has tried so far and is having these then I can’t imagine a problem with using these to get balanced nutrition. Above all see GP or NP for advice.

My cousin has sufferes with eating disorders and I first brought Huel for my friend who needed beefing up after malnutrition from anorexia.

I would say think about foods she used to like and pick a product similar. My cousin used to like chilli so the new savoury works well for her.

The powder didn’t work for my cousin but the RTD did as it seemed ‘less medical and babyish’ according to her.

Try to involve her in the choice e.g try asking her what flavour of RTD she might like to try and buy some for everyone in the house not just her so your trying to improve the nutrition of everyone so food is less of a conflict point in your relationship.