Getting more diversity into a Huel based diet? Green supplements?

I was reading something that said it’s better to get your nutrition from a very wide range of sources, Eg having a varied diet.

This seems like a potential downside of having a majority Huel diet.

Article said:

This suggests that “smaller amounts of many phytochemicals may have greater potential to exert beneficial effects than larger amounts of fewer phytochemicals.”

I know I an ideal world we’d have a varied diet etc but for convenience sake, do you think it would be worth adding a super green powder type supplement to Huel, such as Athletic Greens, or whatever it’s called for maximum health benefits?

I guess I’m asking how to make a 100 percent Huel diet even more healthy.


I don’t know how to link to them (someone helpful will pop up!) but there’s some really detailed articles and faq’s on the Huel website that address this very question :+1:t3:

In short I’d agree. The key is a varied diet though, not varied supplements. Lots of the evidence we have for beneficial health effects is around whole fruits and vegetables rather than the isolated phytonutrients from them.

So, you can always add fruit and vegetables to your Huel and blend additionally whatever else you’re consuming alongside Huel can add that variety and improve your diet. E.g. pick nuts over a chocolate bar - it’s pretty simple when you think about it.


Good point.

Has anyone tried blending broccoli into their Huel?

I might start doing myself a plate of steamed veg when I do the kids dinner.

Normally I just have a Huel when they eat, but might do myself a portion of veg too!

Have a fruit and nut chocolate bar for the win.