Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice

Now that the flavor boosters are gone, will there be seasonal flavors of Huel Black Edition released like gingerbread and pumpkin spice or could the flavor boosts come back seasonally?

Back in the early days of Huel there were a couple of seasonal variations of Huel powder. Very nice too. Be good to see some more in the future

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some special editions could be nice - especially if they were combined with seasonal and regional tie ins - such as a Lunar New Year one for example.

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Welcome to the forum @rickylancew :tada: as far as I’m aware we don’t currently have any plans to make these, having said that the more new product suggestions we get the more likely we are to create them so… you know what to do :eyes:


just as a flavour reminder @Charlotte_Huel - a Mince Pie is for life, not just for Christmas - @Tim_Huel will back me up on this. Probably. :slight_smile:

As is gingerbread in my opinion! :heart_eyes: or for my super sweet side I would LOVE a sugar cookie version :raised_hands:


I need my Pumpkin spice!
It was my treat, each and every morning…:pleading_face:
Please can I have it back?
Pretty pleeeeeease, with double whipped cream a cherry on top sprinkled with pumpkin spice which is liiiiiiife!!!

While I have bulked up on fb gingerbread (probably for life) I wouldn’t mind another round of 3.0 chocolate cherry flavour, because this fb grew on me too late to bulk up.

On the other hand, if anybody would like ~80g of pumpkin spice fb, preferably in the EU, and doesn’t bother about best-before-dates, let me know.

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We’re sorry to have taken this away from you :heart: and welcome to the forum @Mouse :tada: I will make sure to pass your suggestion on to the product team!

So called flavour drops could be a solution to your problem. Or you just look at the ingredients, buy them at the internet, where every component is principally availabe, and add them. After some experimentation you should get the amount right. Or try flavour drops, currently there are lots of companies that offer these in almost every flavour you can imagine.