New flavours don't taste right

I received my latest order two days ago, my standard two bags of Huel plus two of the new flavour boosts, Peanut Butter and Gingerbread. I was so pumped to try these as a big fan of both!
I excitedly made a vanilla Huel with the gingerbread one and… I just couldn’t taste or smell ginger at all. I can’t accurately describe the taste I did get, but it wasn’t altogether pleasant.
This morning I’ve made myself a peanut butter one, and I’m not sure I can taste much of anything. I’m so disappointed. I made them exactly how I’ve always made my Huel, 2.5 scoops plus a heaped teaspoon of flavour. Has the amount you’re supposed to use changed? It still says one heaped teaspoon.

I spent £10 on flavour boosts I can’t really taste and I’m really bummed out.

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I’m working through a flavor boost tasting pack but so far I don’t like any of the new ones either. I’m drinking pumpkin spice in the banana Huel powder right now, and it only tastes salty and spicy to me and not at all sweet. It’s as if they all lack sweetener. The new strawberry flavor boost gave me an experience like enviously smelling the strawberries someone next to me is eating - with zero sweetness it doesn’t feel like I’m eating strawberry anything, only the smell is there.
I’ll just use cocoa, carob, matcha or actual fruit from now on and add some sweetener myself. It’s a pity since I really liked several of the old flavor boosts.

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I don’t like any of the new flavour boosters I’ve tried either.


I agree that the peanut booster is practically flavourless - this seems to be a pretty common experience on the other threads.

The gingerbread one should have a ginger spiced flavour so maybe you need more booster in your next batch?

The overall sweetness was decreased in the new boosters so you would need more to reach the same sweetness as before if that’s what you want.

You can find more information and reviews on the release announcement post if you need!

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I have mixed feelings about the new FBs.

I really like the salted caramel! Apple cinnamon and gingerbread are pretty great too, and I prefer the new banana also.
The rest I’m not completely sold on, and I find the peanut butter flavour pretty bad. Happy overall with the changes though…

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Thanks for the info! I will try adding more ginger boost next time, but it definitely tasted of something, just not ginger. I was honestly wondering if I’d maybe got a faulty batch.

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Thank you for the feedback on the FB. Seems that Gingerbread is splitting the crowd. I’ll be sure to pass the feedback on :slight_smile:

I think it depends what premix you’re using. I’ve found both gingerbread and pumpkin spice taste great in Berry, but are completely overwhelmed by the sweetness of Vanilla. Conversely, apple cinnamon works well in Vanilla, but I didn’t like it in Berry.

Chocolate cherry tastes disgusting whatever you put it in :smile:

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