Given all the evidence that is coming to light regarding glyphosate residues in cereal crops, has Huel been tested for the stuff and is it present? A wide range of processed cereals that go to make popular consumer brands have been shown to have levels of glyphosate way higher than safe maxima. It would be good to know if Huel does not fall into this category.

The oats in Huel have been tested for Glyphosate and the results were < 0.01mg/kg was found.

I think you mean < 0.01 mg/kg.

I remember there was supposed to be a report for the pesticides and other treatment agents used for the crops that Huel uses, but I don’t know if it ended up being published or not - is there any progress on this?

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Sorry yes you’re right, so I edited my response. The reason the document hasn’t been published is because I’m waiting on if I can release 2 of the reports and some clarification on that. I re-chased it today as they have taken a lot longer to get back to me than they should have.


Have you guys looked into having the main ingredients pesticide-free? Does the cost skyrocket to Ambronite levels?

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