Good Fluoride

Every 30 years or so we get given totally different ‘facts’ about what is good and what is bad, and huge horror stories pontificated in the media.

I remember when I was a kid and the world got filled with all that rubbish about animal fats causing cholesterol and cholesterol causing heart attacks. I didn’t believe it then because I knew that the farmers in my country ate masses of animal fats and double cream and had the lowest heart attack rates of everyone. Also, the Inuits lived on massively high fat diets and they too were not prone to heart attacks. There were lots of other examples. These days they realise they were wrong, and the ‘animal fats’ thing was only one of many misconceptions punted hysterically in the media.

Since a few people on this forum raised a big stink about fluoride in Huel, my teeth, gums and jaw bones have suffered, and are suffering. There is good fluoride and bad fluoride, and without eating other food, we get deprived completely of essential fluoride. If Huel is to be a complete food, we are going to have to have fluoride in it. I know that most fake fluoride is poison but good fluoride is essential if we want healthy teeth and gums. Without any fluoride at all, those of us over 50 are going to start losing teeth.

Could we take a vote on this?

Fluoride was never included in Huel until v2.0 and then it was only present for a couple of months before it was taken out so I don’t see how a short spell in that version only can be linked to the symptoms you are experiencing.

I think the majority will prefer not to have it as part of Huel but there is nothing stopping you obtaining the fluoride you want and consuming it yourself.

I also take exception to your comment that digesting fluoride is essential for healthy teeth and gums. I’m not bragging but I go to the dentist every 6 months and every time he comments on how clean and healthy my gums are and I don’t even drink tap water as I don’t like the taste.

Edit: There was a vote in the original thread and 84% said they didn’t want it.

What is “essential flouride”?

In order to prevent your teeth deteriorating, you simply need to brush your teeth with toothpaste containing fluoride. If you want to go even further, you can use the mouthwash containing fluoride (at a different time to brushing, so you don’t wash the toothpaste straight off)!

You don’t need to actually eat the fluoride to help your teeth once you’re an adult, just apply it topically (Source: I’m a dentist)


You don’t need teeth for Huel anyway…just a straw. Teeth are so 20th century.


you do look a bit of a cabbage without them though

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oh, I am from Somerset…we all look like that from round these parts. As an aside when I was a kid and trying to get one over on my mum (and I dont mean leg over - even if it is Somerset) she would say “I am not as green as Iam cabbage looking”…dunno if that is a Somerset phrase or not…there are some odd ones…


I’m not sure there is such a thing as 'good fluoride".

I’ve not drunk tap water or used fluoride toothpaste for years now, with no apparent effects. And as for Sarah the dentist, though I have huge respect for what you do, there are other, credible narratives that reveal another side of the fluoride debate.

Haha it’s expression I heard growing up, so it seems to have reached the north-west at least

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I’m a 100% Hueler and use organic (no flouride) toothpaste. I drink filtered tap water. Only visit dentist once a year for check up & clean. Healthy Teeth & Gums. No issues. Not sure if that brings anything to the debate but I would prefer it wasn’t added.