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I use Huel almost as an exclusive source of income. The times I eat ‘traditional’ food are very rare. I wonder: will I die? I will have health problems related to food. I’m fit right now and I’m a blood donor. So I frequently undergo blood tests and it all seems to be in order. I have noticed that the teeth are very affected. Two caries and a gingivitis happened to me. I suspect that eating only with liquids adversely affects tooth health.

You’ll be fine, I am speaking from experience.

But please learn proper dental hygiene and visit a good dentist and dental hygienist.


Generally, there would appear to be no issue in consuming Huel full time assuming your current physiology is healthy to you and you have no medical need for additional minerals or vitamins. From what I have read about Huel I have no concerns that it is unsafe to consume. Regarding your oral concerns, I agree with rikefrejut.

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You probably won’t die but it’s not a sensible idea.

You are missing out on a huge range of nutrients particularly those in veg and fruit. Some of these, like the ones in cruciferous vegetables help protect you against cancers and other chronic diseases. There are hundreds or thousands more that we’re only just beginning to learn what they do.

Ask any qualitfied dietician, including the people that Huel themselves have quoted or had test their products, and they will agree that eating a diet rich in a variety of fresh vegetables and other relatively-unprocessed foods is what our current scientific knowledge tells us is the best thing long-term.

Swapping a crappy bowl of cereal every day for Huel might well be a good improvement. But replacing a healthy varied diet is not.

I don’t know about you but before huel my diet consisted of no vegetables and a lot of takeaways. so going mostly huel like i have has been a significant step in a healthy direction and if far more “sensible” than my previous diet.

That being said if before having huel you had a health and varied diet, huel could be a step backwards, even if all the data shows that huel is 100% nutritionally complete.

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I agree mostly with what you say but wish to add some points. There is a proposed link between phytonutrietns and a decrease in certain types of cancer namely prostate and bowel cancer. However although some research articles suggest there is a correlation it is important to consider the degree of statistical significance conferred on the results of more likely due to chance. Gurthermore these case controlled studies have been shown to have low internal and external validity such as participant selection and participant genetics.

Consuming a diet based solely on liquid foods will have no adverse effect on your teeth. However, we recommend that you brush your teeth thoroughly twice daily using a fluoride toothpaste and if you have any concerns regarding your dental health to discuss these with your dentist.

Yeap we agree a varied diet of wholefoods is best. However, a lot of people struggle to acheive this as Matt has pointed out which is where Huel comes in.

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Thank you all for your contribution.