Green Tea Extract in White 3.0 Powder?

I understand it’s only in Black and not in white? I just heard about EGCG possibly being good, and was wondering if and why it’s in one product and not the other.

here you go

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So it’s more about the amount of phytonutrients/antioyidants than the specific kind? And EGCG is good for being a phytonutrient, but interchangable with the others?

It’s not an exact science. In general we know phytonutrients are good for health but I wouldn’t say they’re interchangeable. It’s why nutrition professionals advise a varied diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

You’re absolutely right EGCG is one of those positive phytonutrients. In the case of Huel it’s a balance of nutrition, taste, texture, sustainability and cost which is why there isn’t the same beneficial ingredients across all product lines.

Intuitively I would say that the more one gets the better it is - given the fact that there is no “recommended amount” of “phytonutrients”, maybe because this is an ill defined, large and heterogenous group of substance.
I would welcome the addition of EGCG to white edition.
And I hope that others share this opinion.

Perhaps we can start a poll on this topic here.

Regarding the “antioxidant” vitamin C you will find plenty of literature how detrimental it can be. Leads to calcifications, nephrosclerosis etc.
I still take several grams of vitamin C per day because I believe that I need it, that it is good. Not because of any literature. It is a strong belief. I am convinced that I “need” it.

There is so much conflicting research about nutrition; you can proof or disproof anything you want, you will find research for or against everything. Nature Scientific Reports is not quite the same as Nature - authors pay a lot more for publishing. And the majority of the literature is still “for” ECGC’s benefitial effects. Of course the best available knowledge can change, will change, it does all the time.

But most people don’t design their nutrition around studies, but on what they feel is best for them. On what they want.

And actually the only thing I said was that I want ECGC to also be added to other products than BE.

As I said above nutritional benefits is just one factor to consider.

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