Which Huel products don't contain colored streaks from for example lycopene?

This is important for me due to ARFID for me, which has become worse recently.

Bars and H+S are no option as they are colourfull, too.

Thanks in Advance for your advice!

I believe Lycopene is only in Powders and H&S products but could be wrong. Perhaps @Dan_Huel would be better placed to answer (always better to tag one of them so it wakes them up :slight_smile: )

Hey there! Lycopene is a phytonutrient that is added to our macronutrient blend in our H&S and Powdered products except for Huel Essential.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions we can help with! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just out of curiousity, if you added something to the huel shake to change the colour (coffee or food colouring or something), would your ARFID still be an issue, as you knew it had colours before?

Just to note, I am absolutely not minimising your ARFID, and don’t mean the above as challenging you in any way. I am just curious as to how it works.

First, thanks for your answer.

Are there other colored streaks that are just not so easily noticed? From green tea extract, grainy components, other vitamins, something else?

I don’t have celiac disease, but I tolerate grain/gluten very bad. How much % grain und how much gluten does the essential poweder contain?


What about the darkest flavour (choc)? Are colored components visible there, and if yes for which products?
Would Black edition chocholate be “safe”?

It would be great if anybody could provide some close up pictures from different products with this flavour.
I have to know it before I order it, otherwise it would become too expensive for me. I can’t afford throwing stuff away currently.

Thank you!

Thanks for following up and no worries at all!

To answer your next questions, Huel Essential does not contain any ingredients that would leave noticeable streaks in your Huel. However, unfortunately, Essentials Powder is not gluten-free.

When it comes to Black Edition Powder, it does contain added phytonutrients which do leave visible streaks when the powder is prepared.

Let me know if I can help with anything else :slightly_smiling_face:

Then I will have to discontinue Huel completely. I have increasingly used yfood, suits me much better, the drinks are available at supermarkets and they are grain free, have no streaky whatsover and are a German company.

I don’t tolerate grains or glute , flaxssed causes bloating, and there is no need for so many (new) products in my opinion. Focussing on the ingreadients would be more imporant. Less marketing, more product improvements and more considering of special customer needs; and I don’t see that any longer.

Sorry, but honestly you had better times in the past.

They do focus on the ingredients, I assume this is one of their strongest plus points.
If they did less marketing, they would sell less and then have less to spend on improvements!
They are continuously improving products, another of their big plus points.
So all this leaves is “special customer needs”. I would assume they are aimed at the general market rather than individuals needs. To focus on one person’s requirements would not be cost effective nor profitable.


Do you have some close-up pictures of the darkest flavour for their products? Just to see whether the cocoa powder masks this stuff. Thanks in advance!

There are no red streaks in Huel powder v3.1, if you’re still interested.

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Even though lycopene has been removed from Powder v3.1, @mbs mentioned that they do not tolerate gluten, which means that unfortunately, this is not an option. Good shout though! :pray:

Are you still on water and standard Huel UU only, rikefrejut?
If yes, how long has it been now, and did you get some more health checkups in the meantime?

Are you really never consuming anything else, not even other powders, supplements, flavours, Huel products (eg RTDs)?