Has Huel had its day?


@Marcus Thanks for your reply. I appreciate what you are saying.

I am currently still experimenting to see if I can get to the bottom of this. It looks like it might not actually be the sucralose because I’ve also had headaches when consuming an alternative product that doesn’t contain sucralose. The interesting thing is, both products contain sunflower, which once showed up on a food intolerance test for me. But it could be some other factor, so I need to keep trying different things to see what happens.


Please do keep us posted.


I got the sample pack of flavours and realised on my second flavor that something in there was giving me a raging headache and gas. I tend to avoid sweetened stuff because of the gas, but first time I’ve had a headache. Put the rest of the flavours in the bin. Pineapple was OK but too sweet and the toffee one (caramel I think) just tasted like pure synthetic flavouring. Happy to stay with my stodgy unmixable 2.2 UU Huel. The flavour is now almost what it was in 1.2 but those thickeners mean no lumps are only possible with a blender. You get rid of most if you leave it for a few hours top off the shaker with water and then give it another go.


How do you react to Coke Life? I find I get exactly the same reaction to flavoured Huel. Big headaches and enough gas to orbit Arnold


I’ve never had Coke Life.


Lol, but correct.

I’ve not got lots to add other than I quite like 2.2, and I like that Huel continually tries to improve the formula. It’d be so easy to sit back and just say “that’s it, we’re done” and sit on a pile of money.

Tweaks, testing, updates, it’s a process towards ever improved nutrition. I’m right behind it.


Hi Marcus, thanks for sharing as well,
I use V2.2 unsweetened/unflavoured and also experience the headache within 30 minutes afterwards, I take one ‘meal’ a day (3 scoops, 700ml water). It’s not something that I experience with (regular) meals, so I’m looking at Huel being the cause.

What is relevant (and very interesting) is that my tinnitus starts getting remarkably louder directly after consuming Huel. This probably indicates an intolerance to something inside Huel? I suspect a relation to the headaches.

Just wanted to share, I’ll be thinking about how to proceed.


Onnit does it to T+ and a fair few of its products and I keep finding them to be better than before


I think the problem is, with a product with multiple ingredients in it, it’s difficult to find out what the problem ingredient is. But ultimately, maybe it just means we are intolerant to Huel.


What I’ve noticed is that the headache comes on quite quickly after drinking some Huel, and this can happen eve if I’ve only had a small amount. It definitely seems like my body is reacting to something in the Huel, but I’m not entirely sure what it is.

But it gets confusing because I sometimes get headaches after eating other stuff too. Not sure what to do really.


You just reminded me of this story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgW9_k5ZP8U ;-D


Yes, Huel is made from 100% pure Huel :grin:


Were these concerns substantiated scientifically?


I don’t see how you could do that while still providing the nutritional benefits of Huel. Many of the items required to make Huel nutritious simply are not water soluble and so the block would presumably take a lot of agitation (presumably a blender) to make use of it.


I always blend my huel and I quite like the idea of compressed blocks.


I don’t own a blender and I think it’s a crap idea.

Just sayin’ :grinning:


Here here ! my sentiments exactly