Huel Tastes Horrible

I eat Mana a lot, which I blend and make a really nice milkshake type consistency. However I don’t like the taste or the consistency of Huel. Anything I can do?


@matthewfelgate firstly I don’t think Huel tastes horrible and nor do a lot of people in fact I think it tastes pretty good so I think your title of this thread is rather harsh…

However, flavour is down to personal taste. There are lots of flavour suggestions here:


Well, it tastes like earth. Also doesn’t go smooth even when blended.

@matthewfelgate I just checked and you purchased the unflavoured and unsweetened version of Huel.

You are comparing Huel unflavoured and unsweetened against Mana which is sweetened with sucralose and flavoured probably with a vanilla flavour - they don’t list the specific flavour on their ingredients they just list “aroma”. This is clearly an unfair comparison, you should compare mana to Huel vanilla which does taste good.

On the Huel product page it clearly describes the two flavours. In terms of the unflavoured it says:

This version does have a chalky and earthy taste which is certainly not to everyone’s liking. Most people will need to add a flavour (sweet or savoury) and/or sweetener.


The reason Mana is smooth is because their main ingredients is maltodextrin our is natural oats.

You can learn more about Maltodextrin below. It has a high GI than table sugar.

You can also exchange any unflavoured for vanilla Huel, which I think you like.

Alternatively we do a range of favour pouches.


No, it does not. Seriously?

THIS tastes like earth ->

Just my opinion on the taste.

Thanks for your suggestions Julan: I have ordered a sample of vanilla version to try.


This might reassure you @matthewfelgate - a new post added today - Vanilla flavour is LOVELY!

To be fair, this the topic is “Experiences.” I think any experience, positive or negative, is valid, since the topic itself is how one personally feels.

I’ve seen two threads in a row now where other commenters come in to counter the claims of the OP’s experience. That’s not right. Maybe we don’t have a problem with texture. But to hijack someone’s experience thread with, “I like the texture” doesn’t do anyone good. The fact remains that the original OP doesn’t like the texture.

If OP had spammed “Huel tastes horrible” in other topics, I’d jump on him. But who am I to doubt his personal experience.

My point: the experience thread is full of subjective opinions. We can argue objective facts, but it is pointless (and even rude) to argue against someone’s subjective opinion in a topic created for such opinions.


@ric - I would just prefer the title of the thread to say “I think Huel tastes terrible” or something along those lines.

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“I think” is presumed, since the topic is “Experiences.”

There are two other threads in “Experience” titled “Tastes Great” and “Very Nice.” I have not seen any Huel executive go into those threads and comment that the title should be “I think Huel tastes great” or “I think Huel tastes very nice.”

Regardless, not worthy of chastising; especially chastising a customer who followed up by asking for suggestions to alter the flavor.

Just my two-cents.

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True. Maltodextrin has has a GI of 110, and table sugar has a GI of 65.

That being said, as @JamesCollier posted in another thread, the total GI of a product is a result of its sum. Huel has not yet published its GI, and as far as I know, Mana has not yet published its GI. Until both do, comparing the GI of individual ingredients is irrelevant.

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It is relevant. Mana’s largest ingredients is Maltodextrin. The sum of the ingredients will results in a lower GI agreed, but if you start from a higher point, and that ingredient is the largest in their product and they have more carbs than Huel. This means there is less protein and fat to bring the GI down. This means I can say without testing it will have a high GI.

Fair enough.

What is the GI of Huel?

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I don’t know but I know it less than mana.

I just edited the title and added the word “Unflavoured” to it. I didn’t even know I was able to do that until I saw the pencil icon next to the title. Must be because I’ve been so active on here.

I am happy to change it back if you prefer, but I just thought “Unflavoured Huel Tastes Horrible” was the fairest way to title it. And I think it’s probably true, the unflavoured version probably does taste pretty bad without any flavouring. But am I right in assuming that it was never really intended to be consumed without any flavouring added to it?

I wonder why someone would buy unflavoured Huel and not use any flavouring. Surely that would like a bit like drinking liquid cardboard or something.

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I’m new to huel. I jumped straight to the unflavored version. It seems to be fine for me. Is it dull for continuous meal replacements? Definitely! But this is the target for me. How many of you make water-porridge and eat it straight away without any topping? The unflavored version tastes like oats with water, please don’t say it “liquid cardboard” it doesn’t help people in their choice in my opinion.

Julian how do the sales break down approximately between vanilla and unflavored?

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Sorry, perhaps that was a bad choice of words.

It’s the good old 80/20 split.