Hot and Savoury Stock

Hello, I am just wondering how often the Hot and Savoury are restocked. I have noticed when trying to order certain flavours they seem to be out of stock on the few occasions i have tried, I notice they are tagged as favourites or popular. So i am curious if they just consistently go out of stock and i need to time it, or if there is a current stock issue?

Production supply and demand can vary throughout the year. We always work really hard with our manufacturers and suppliers to ensure we do our best to keep in stock of products, however sometimes sales can be out of forecast which means we sell through product quicker than expected.

This does vary and sometimes it can be down to delivery or logistics challenges from our suppliers and manufacturers. We have dedicated teams that work through the week to try and combat these issues as much as possible.

Thank you for the response. I am just curious what would be the situation if i have a sub with a product that goes out of stock as i have noticed the Madras going in and out. Would the delivery be delayed or just a partial order sent?

That’s no problem at all!

We do our very best to ensure our subscribers still receive their orders on time and if there is a product in your subscription that does go out of stock, we aim to notify our customers as soon as possible with any updates for your order.

We will always make sure to communicate this if we’re unable to fulfill the subscription for any reason.

If we discover we are running low on a particular product we will usually go out of stock on our website to ensure we can still fulfill subscription orders.

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