How do Huel ensure the dry powder stays mixed to stop vitamin toxicity?

I am a huge fan of the Huel concept and am a subscription buyer. I was having a random thought today regarding the components of the powder and wondered how they ensure I don’t get twice as much of a vitamin that could potentially cause toxicities. Theoretically I could get a huge quantity of one vitamin in a scoop and miss others. Any thoughts??

It’s a fine-ish powder and pretty well mixed so everything should be well distributed in the bag.

I don’t think overdosing on something is likely to ever happen in that way.

You’re right of course but I can’t help but think that some of the components will be smaller and heavier and like sand and pebbles they will separate so that the smaller elements separate to the bottom. I could be over thinking this of course!! :grimacing: Perhaps ill just rotate the bag once before using it to give everything a mix up…

Generally, micronutrients in powder mixes come with a carrier molecule which they are dispersed in (a common one is maltodextrin, which I believe Huel use). These carrier molecules essentially surround the micronutrients, and are all of a similar size. This helps prevent heavier micronutrients falling to the bottom.


BOOM! What an answer. That makes a lot of sense. There are so many supplements out there in powder form with different components so I assumed there must have been an answer out there somewhere. Thanks IcyElemental!

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No problem - fair warning, I’m basing this off limited conversations with micronutrient producers, so there may be more to it than I’m understanding, but I believe this is correct. The carriers are also used for low RDA micronutrients to decrease the potential variance in micronutrient content (e.g. if their scales are capable of weighing accurately to 10 micrograms, and a powder has an RDA of 2.5 micrograms, it can be mixed with a carrier in a 1:100 ratio, so the RDA is met with a dose of 250 micrograms, which they can measure accurately).

Someone from the Huel team may be able to give more information though, or correct me if my understanding is incorrect.


@IcyElemental’s explanation is about right. Also, a good amount of our vitamins and minerals are naturally occuring from the main ingredients. Huel is blended so well that there will be an even dispersal of all ingredients and the way it’s put into the pouches will not allow separation. You’ll also see in your pouch that there is no separation.