How Huel and the Huel Ingredients are Produced

Read details about how Huel and the Huel ingredients are produced in our new article.

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Had a quick read…there’s a lot to…um…digest. Quite a lot of info therein and don’t have time to have a proper look right now.

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Thanks you for such an effort in transparency.

I’m surprised to see how much of the ingredients come from China (or India). Isn’t there a way to source them more “locally” (within Europe) ?

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We source as local as possible wherever possible

You mean that, while France exports around 220 000 Tons of peas a year, you can’t buy any ? (just an example)

I wasn’t aware of that claim. Are there French companies who produce pea protein isolate?

Maybe something that is coming soon:

Thank you for sharing this James.

Thanks! Read later