Huel and Russia, questions

I see Huel is available in Russia via Buy Huel Products Online Store in Russia at Best Prices in Desertcart

Are you continuing to supply them?

Are any ingredients sourced from Russia or Russian owned companies?

Is @Tim_Huel going stop attending questionable yacht parties?

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He’ll never give up his Ushanka.

I am going to check with our team, but I am 95% sure we have absolutely nothing to do with this webpage. It is likely a reselling who buys from our site, utillising our bulk discounts, and marks it up on their own site. It is the same with Amazon and eBay. I don’t believe we officially sell there.

I will check this too.

My yacht parties are never questionable. Very high brow and classy :tophat:


The thing to note here is that our Procurement are all over this and have systems in place to quickly determine whether this is the case. They have of course been evaluating this long before this question was posed here by you @Tristan. I have spoken to Steven our Senior Procurement Manager and here are the key points:

  • That website selling Huel has absolutely nothing to do with us
  • We do not source from any Russian companies
  • None of our suppliers have any Russian ownership (we use a platform that maps our suppliers ownership structures and nothing is currently flagged)
  • Russia and Ukraine make up over 55% of worlds exports of Sunflower Oil
  • But our suppliers are no longer sourcing sunflower oil from Russia for the production of sunflower lecithins, so there may be Russian sunflower oil in our product today, but not going forward
  • We know our Textured Pea Protein (the pea protein bits in your Hot & Savoury) supplier purchased some Yellow Peas from Russia last year as the Pea harvest in France and Canada was so poor, however this was a spot purchase and is highly unlikely to impact Huel products

Overall our current exposure to Russian materials is low and we are not looking to work with any going forward. We have been and will continue to stay close to our ingredient supply.


So why has majority of ordinary Russians to not receive this product ?
The product is to benefit one’s health not destroy it with refusing someone innocent a product becuase world leader’s can’t agree.

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I’m sorry I don’t understand your question fully, could you please rephrase?

We haven’t ever sold Huel in Russia (or if we did offer Russian delivery it was for a very short amount of time many years ago).

My Question was if you were to be supplying or sourcing products from Russia what would it matter.
People need to still recieve a product that is and will benefit their health.
I can’t see what the problem is if anything was supplied into and from Russia.
It’s Government’s around the world playing I just can’t see why Huel products should be banned from going into Russia or being used from Russia, i was only asking to why.
Have a Lovely day Tim :+1:t3:

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I see, thank you.

I think since we have almost never sold Huel in Russia and basically none of our ingredients are derived from Russia/Russian companies the question is largely hypothetical and I’m not sure explaining the pros and cons of a boycott of a country really has that much merit.

Red sirens are going off for me and I don’t want to use the forum as a place to discuss current political climate in Europe.

I think it would be best for you to read this wikipedia article which explains. I think if you had further questions about this topic you would be best placed to ask them elsewhere. Thank you.

2022 boycott of Russia and Belarus - Wikipedia.


No i totally agree No Products should be boycotted in a Government’s political game.
Thanks Tim, but i don’t watch Mainstream News or Wiki that’s why i jumped in when i seen the Question on Russia as it’s a site for health and wellbeing not politics.
Cheers, Davie.

To be honest I was curious about Huel’s opinions around supplying an apparent reseller, also if any ingredients were sourced from Russia or Russian owned companies it’s likely sourcing of such ingredients is about to get harder and could affect purchasing. So looking for reassurances there more than anything else.

Tim’s yacht parties thrown in for fun :wink:

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