Does Huel ship to Russia, Ukraine, and Crimea?

Hello! As in the title.
I am specifically more interested about shipments in Crimea.

Nobody in Crimea could afford to eat Huel. If somebody there would eat Huel 100% then considering that he earns average wage, he would spend around 60% of his entire wage on Huel and have 40% left for rent, utilities, clothes etc.

I live in Northern-Europe and for me, Huel is considerably more expensive than buying ingredients from a store and cooking myself. Also keep in mind that us Europeans pay about 14% more for Huel than people in the UK.

Lets ask @Tim_Huel

We don’t ship to Russia and Crimea. You could order to Ukraine but orders are often stopped at customs.

In an ideal world that would happen everywhere.




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it does - there’s just the difference between stopped (delayed or sent back) and impounded/stolen (never to be seen again) that last one happens a lot more than anyone would be comfortable with :roll_eyes: