Huel now deliveries to most of Europe

Hi Hueler,

We now ship to most of the Europe, see the list below:

  • Austria: 0kg to 30kg = £7
  • Belgium: 0kg to 30kg = £5
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: 0kg to 30kg = £23
  • Bulgaria: 0kg to 30kg = £18
  • Croatia: 0kg to 30kg = £15
  • Czech Republic: 0kg to 30kg = £8
  • Denmark: 0kg to 30kg = £7
  • Estonia: 0kg to 30kg = £12
  • Finland: 0kg to 30kg = £12
  • France: 0kg to 30kg = £5
  • Germany: 0kg to 30kg = £5
  • Greece: 0kg to 30kg = £18
  • Hungary: 0kg to 30kg = £8
  • Iceland: 0kg to 30kg = £25
  • Ireland: 0kg to 10kg = £10
  • Ireland: 11kg to 16kg = £16
  • Italy: 0kg to 30kg = £8
  • Latvia: 0kg to 30kg = £12
  • Lithuania: 0kg to 30kg = £12
  • Luxembourg - 0kg to 30kg = £5
  • Netherlands: 0kg to 30kg = £5
  • Norway: 0kg to 30kg = £43
  • Poland: 0kg to 30kg = £6
  • Portugal: 0kg to 30kg = £12
  • Romania: 0kg to 30kg = £15
  • Serbia: 0kg to 30kg = £23
  • Slovakia: 0kg to 30kg = £9
  • Slovenia: 0kg to 30kg = £9
  • Spain: 0kg to 30kg = £8
  • Sweden: 0kg to 30kg = £9
  • Switzerland: 0kg to 30kg = £32

Do you know if extra fees will be applied by the Swiss when receiving a delivery to Switzerland?

For curiosity reasons only, why is Switzerland so expensive, especially compared to Austria?

I got Huel yesterday. I have been using Joylent regularly, but find it way to sweet. I like the approach of Huel.

Unfortunately it was delivered with DPD. DPD in the Netherlands does not give you a slot. They simply tell you on the day of delivery what your slot will be. I was at work of course, and not inclined to simply rush home.

Then I did not get any note, not in my mailbox or through email about where I could pick up the package. So I looked online and it was a drop off point to which I had to cycle. FYI: Other delivery services have pick up points very nearby me.

I get there and there is no package. The lady in the shop made a few calls for me and I find out it is actually elsewhere.

This is not a one time experience with DPD. In the second pick up location there were people with the exact same problem. They had to go figure out where their package was. I have had experiences with DPD in the past where I actually was home, but the delivery didn’t arrive, yet online they said they did try to deliver.

You may think when you hand over the package to DPD your service ends there and it becomes the responsibility of the delivery service. But that’s not how it works. The delivery service is an extension of your customer service. The choice of delivery service reflects directly to you as a company, so my first experience with your service has been very poor.

With Joylent I can have deliveries in the evening and request a slot which suits me. So Joylent wins on service and convenience. I would like to see you match that.

It’s something to do with Swiss policy. I have just moved to Zürich and am trying to work out how much it is going to cost to sustain my Huel addiction! The links below are the best I have found. Though I am still slightly unclear.

@Marsica @Coup - Switzerland is not in the EU so there is extra custom’s charge of £25, same for Norway. Sorry but it a extra fee the courier charge, we make no profit on delivery charges.

@rpbaptist sorry to hear about the problems.

We have used three different delivery services and DPD is the best by far, but we appreciated they are not perfect, no delivery service is. We get less complaints by far since switching to DPD.

Which delivery service do you recommend in the Netherlands?

I’m not sure it is possible to match a local service when you are overseas. E.g. I’m based in UK and that is certainly not the level of service I received from joylent, e.g. in the UK joylent use Hermes who don’t give delivery slots, we moved from Hermes to DPD due to the far superior service and reliability.

Yes, in the Netherlands they use another service:

The most convenient one is:, but I imagine they are also more expensive. They try twice and allow you to change delivery address and slot the second time. They have lots of pick up points too.

DHL isn’t much better than DPD. I wouldn’t really know which other options are available.

It’s a shame DPD doesn’t maintain the standard they have in the UK then.

@rpbaptist I’ve checked with DPD, the service level in Netherlands is:

a 2 day delivery time, a 1 hour time window, notification send on the morning of delivery. Parcel held for 7 days if failed delivery and then returned to the UK.

Sorry if this is not the service is not what you received but as with all delivery companies it is extremely difficult to ensure all promises are maintained at all times.

Hi Julian, so I gave it another try. I got a notification in the morning when I am at work that they will deliver later in the day with no way of me to get in contact and arrange another time.

They only did one attempt. I found a note stating they dropped it off at a shop about 10 minutes by bicycle from me. First of all, it would be interesting transporting a box with 4 bags of Huel by bicycle, but okay. I go there and the package isn’t there. The storekeeper cannot tell me anything either.

DPD does not do as they say. At least I got a note this time, but they are on delivery day short and the note is incorrect.

I told you before is a good delivery service. They do as they promise and go to lengths to provide service. If you would consider this service as an extension of your own, which it is, you would not think twice about it.

It’s a shame, because I think Huel is a better product than Joylent, but this is a dealbreaker for me.

Hi Julian

You answered a while ago about delivery costs being higher in Switzerland. Is that because the duty is included? I ask because I just received my samples and there was no duty and I am happy!

When I ordered 2 bags/28 meals to Zurich I wasn’t asked for any extra duty, that along with the replies on this thread made think it covered duty - but I have just been hit with a whopping fine of 38.30 CHF, for tax and administration, from DPD after ordering 8 bags/112 meals.

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Again DPD announces an inconvenient time slot and delivers on short notice.

I cannot choose a pick up point and my first opportunity will be in another week.

I would happily pay double shipping for another delivery service which will make it go through regular mail here. This is just a pain in the ass.

Are you able to deliver to Malta?

I thought shipping costs to Italy were expensive but they actually aren’t that much when compared to other countries. Are you guys at Huel planning to have Amazon distribute things for you? I wonder if that’s even possible.

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I’m flashed: the delivery of my new Huel stock took only 27 hours to Switzerland :+1::smile:.

@Tim_Huel will be delighted to hear the news.