Where are the raw ingrediants grown?

Can you tell us (roughly) the regional/national sources for the basic ingredients of Pea Protein, Flaxseed, Brown Rice Protein, MCTs from Coconut and Sunflower Lecithin? Just want a small list of where it comes from.

I understand its not the full picture nor is it a decent comparison to similar products from other brands, but it would be great to know in a general sense where my food originates from.

(This topic has slightly been touched upon in terms of the carbon footprint of Huel, its understandable that its insanely difficult to calculate the total energy/carbon emissions required to make Huel.)

I’m a huge fan of Huel (been splitting the costs with my gf for months until I realised I could get a free t-shirt!) and I believe supporting responsible, ethical and sustainable food production to be one the best things you can do. I’m currently on a crusade to convince my Uni friends to try it!


I’m afraid we don’t have this information as it varies - our sources purchase the raw materials from a number of places depending on availability.