Huels coconut source?

Loving the Huel! Lots of articles in the news today about UK stores dropping certain coconut brands, apparently you can mass-torture monkeys to harvest coconuts.

So Huel contains MCT which is from coconut? What info is there on Huel’s general sourcing? And is it possible to verify things are fair trade non torture etc?

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To give a counterweight to this, I for one don’t care about Huel’s source of MCT as long as the quality of the product is guaranteed.

its all in their guide articles - it’s pretty transparent and easy to find if you bother to look for it. In the case of the MCT they use - the coconut oil originates from Indonesia and Malaysia and is processed into MCT powder in China - so no trained Thai monkeys were harmed or oppressed in the manufacture of it.


We don’t condone using monkeys to harvest coconuts. We have statements against the use of monkeys as part of our quality control procedure. The Vegan Society checks all of our ingredient specifications and query where they have any concerns. We haven’t been questioned about any of our current ingredients.


Are you gonna get Vegan Society Registration/TM?

That would be awesome and some of the animal charities I donate to would really love to see more products which guarantee cruelty free, vegan food.

I hear it’s wank.

Don’t believe everything you read - especially if it came from me.

So they got to you, too.


Y’all cared already ! Great to hear Dan

We’ve already got it!


Are you gonna use it on your packaging/website? etc.

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At this time it’s not going on the label but it will probably go on the website.

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