Just start Huel and unexpected itchy ears and throat

Hi all, I started Huel yesterday and noticed I had an itchy throat and ears while drinking it. I wasn’t certain it was Huel so at lunch had another Huel. I got the same reaction. Woke up allergy/reaction free so instead of powder tried a pre mixed shake for breakfast and same reaction. I have no know allergies to the ingredients, what do you think it could be? Anyone else had this experience? Thank you

I haven’t seen anyone post about itchy ears and throat before but I have seen complaints about the occasional rash. Huel does not contain any of the most common allergens but there has been some conversation about coconut recently and how it’s possible someone could be allergic to Huel because of the coconut in it

There isnt any coconut in huel lol

OP sounds like an allergic reaction

To quote @Dan_Huel and @JamesCollier from another thread:

" The medium chain triglycerides (MCT) in Huel is derived from coconut but is not ground coconut in its whole form."

“UK/global Huel powder also contains coconut flour as a carrier for the vitamin mineral blend. The US formula does not: only the MCTs which are derived from coconut.”

Thanks, it’s very strange, and trying to workout what is causing it is very difficult given no known allergies. I’ve eaten coconut but no so often I could say if I recall itchy throat. I wondered if it could be flaxseed otherwise as I’ve had it on rare occasions only knowingly. Bought some from health food store to add to home made shakes etc, again can’t recall a problem. It happens almost instantly from first sip.

Maybe stay off the Huel for a couple of days and then have another go. If no luck, you might also be able to get a refund on any unopened bags FYI

Proving what i said…there is not any coconut in huel

There isnt any coconut in it ffs lol

Hey Halky, I’m sorry to hear this. You may well have had a reaction to one of the ingredients, it may be best raising this with your GP.

Someone said it may have but I’m fine with coconut anyway.