Throat irritation?

Straight to the point, my throat fees swollen after drinking Huel. It’s the top of my throat and makes me want to swallow. Has this happened to anyone else? It kind of feels like getting sick, or allergies, or getting choked/injury from being choked. I train Jiu Jitsu and initially I thought it was an injury from that, but after a few week it’s still happening, and only after my Huel.

I don’t have any known allergies and I’ve been using Huel for 750-1000 calories a day for a while now. I’d say 6 months plus and this is the first time anything weird has happened.
I thought maybe it was just the one bag, but it’s still around on the next bag. Side note: both expire 12.2018 so its probably the same batch, I’ll have to give of my 3.2018s a shot. I’ve noticed some differences in taste between bags, and I’m wondering if maybe the sweetener in this batch is different. I have the vanilla flavored Huel.

That does sound like an allergic response. You could carefully try a bit from a different bag, as you suggested, to see if it’s that related or otherwise.

I’d go easy on it regardless, if you are reacting to something do need to be careful.

I know a couple of people with Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS) - a (relatively) common and non serious allergy where they get the symptoms you experience from eating peaches, hazelnuts, etc.

If it is, this may sound daft but could it be related to the change in weather - if you’re getting hay fever starting up around now it might be your immune system is a bit more primed than normal so reacting stronger?


Hey all!

Similar reaction. What you said of having your throat feel the same way as when you’re about to get sick (A little gummy) is exactly what I feel. It happens right after drinking Huel, and ends after a couple hours (I only drink one a day). I have never had any kind of allergies that I know of, so I definitely found this strange. Does anyone know if there are ingredients that are common allergens I may just have never connected to a swollen throat?

Anyone with info is appreciated

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Hey! Did this happen the first time you tried Huel or did it come on later? Would you mind just explaining your symptoms a bit more?

Any intolerence such as gluten intolerence?

No intolerances to gluten at all (I scarf down bread) or any other allergen to the best of my knowledge.

Symptoms are immediately after drinking the Huel, I have a slightly scratchy throat, as if I was just on the edge of getting sick. This occurred the first time I tried it, but disappeared after a couple hours. I then had it again (Larger amount) the next day, and it occurred and lasted longer. It led to slightly harder swallowing (Not exactly painful, but the kind you notice) and what felt like greater mucus production, though as if all of it was just in my throat and didn’t actually come from my sinuses.

Also apologize for necroing this thread. I saw April 18 and thought it was only a month old. But thanks for the quick reply.

I’m guessing this isn’t a common thing and I’ll have to try and go through each ingredient to discover which might be causing this.

The weirdest part is mine went away. Like it was just one batch. I have at least a serving a day, and I have since done a full week of just Huel without any adverse issues.

That does sound like you have a particular issue with an ingredient in Huel, which is pretty uncommon. No need to to apologise. I would recommend consulting your GP on this one and trying to narrow down the cause. For example, not many people eat, or have eaten, flaxseed.

Weirdly I have the exact same issue. I used huel for about a month or two back in 2017 (version 2.1) and never noticed any issues. Today I got a new order, had some at lunch and dinner and noticed a swollen feeling in my throat (as described by others) for a few hours after each time - a quick google brought me here. It doesn’t feel awful, more just inconvenient.

Has something changed in the ingredients? I’ve eaten flax before with no noticeable issues.

I’m having the same issue, and I don’t have any known allergies

Same kind of thing. It’s not painful, it’s just a mild annoyance, and only happens after drinking Huel. Throat feels a bit irritated, below my adam’s apple, feels a bit like it’s coming from the back of my throat. A bit like catching a cold, like people have said. No known allergies, nothing too rash that it’s bothered me a lot, been using Huel for 3 weeks now.

Seems like a few of us are experiencing this. Any ideas what it could be ?

I have to say, not always but occasionally I get slight throat irrigation drinking Huel pre mix. I get a tickle in my throat causing a bit of a cough, weirdly like I said it’s only occasionally though.

Found this thread by Googling because I’ve been having the same problem. I haven’t had it with any particular bag, but I have Huel for lunch at work Mon-Friday and some days I get this in the afternoon for a few hours after having it. Slight irritation, extra mucus, feeling of slightly swollen throat and urge to swallow a lot. I have no known allergies and I know I can tolerate all the ingredients in Huel as I’ve had them separately. I’ve also been using Huel for at least a year now and only get this sporadically, but always after consuming Huel.

I wanted to chime in to say I too have been experiencing similar throat related issues after consuming Huel. It is like I have some slimy ball in my throat that I just can’t swallow and noticeable irritation with every drink. I feel like little grainy particles are coarsing against the inner lining of my throat.

So I wanted to write back after doing a little bit of experimentation with sweetened and unsweetened Huel as well as researching different ingredient effects and I do believe that sucralose is the cause of the irritation. You can just Google “sucralose throat” and find several reports indicating anything from throat irritation to sore throats after consuming sucralose.

I normally either have two 50mg scoops of sweetened Huel together or one scoop sweetened and one unsweetened, I have noticed that the throat irritation is far more intense with the two scoops of sweetened Huel. So I think I may have a sensitivity to sucralose because Huel is the only thing I am aware of that I consume with sucralose or at least anywhere near the amount that Huel contains.

I surmise that this might be the case for others reporting similar issues.


@hunzas has some samples that cure tickly coughes apparently

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That’s crazy, same here. I use v3 vanilla and mint chocolate. I thought it was due to vaping CBD, so I stopped, but after having 2 Huel drinks today I can barely swallow. I somehow feel it’s worse with vanilla rather than mint chocolate though.
I’ll try the black edition next time.

I’m getting this same issue after using vanilla v3.0. Scratchy, swollen throat after drinking which is persisting now so I’ve stopped using Huel for a few days.

Has anybody been able to isolate what the cause is? I have no known allergies and I have been on a 100% Huel diet on previous versions for months without issues.

I’m happy to see this thread, I thought it was just me. I’m getting the exact same scratchy throat symptoms from the new 3.0 mint flavour. Which I never got with the older coffee version. I was thinking maybe it was the kelp or one of the new ingredients.

I’ve gone through a bag of Huel black vanilla and banana v3 with no problem, so for me I don’t think it’s the kelp that’s the problem. Maybe an ingredient that’s particular to certain flavours?