Swollen Tongue and Lips

Hi All,

I’ve been using huel v2.1 (vanilla) for the past few months, and absolutely loving it. I’ve just recieved my first batch of v2.2, and now every time I drink it, I get itching and swelling on my lips and tongue.

I can only assume this is a result of one of the ingredient changes triggering a very mild allergic reaction. It goes away after five or ten minutes.

Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms after the switch?


It is not organic and they use sucralose, so why bother with it!

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I am having the same issue

I’ve been noticing a sore tongue, a feeling of fuzziness on the insides of my cheeks, and now the inside of my upper lip is swollen. I just googled “lip swollen huel” and I found this thread. I don’t have any allergies that I know of – what the hell is going on?

Maybe an allergy that you don’t know of? :joy: