New to Huel. Need advice

Hi all :slight_smile:,

After trying Huel for the first time today (sample pack) I will definitely be placing an order and introducing Huel hopefully permanently into my diet. My hopes are that it will make up the vast majority of my diet.

I did however experience a flush (redness in the face etc) and a slight burning sensation on my tongue. I’ve noticed other have experienced this too… Is it something that dissipates over time or will it be something I have to put up with? Will changing to unsweetened rather than vanilla help?

It was the vanilla huel which I tried, I also found the sweetener over bearing, so I will be purchasing the unsweetened version when I make my order.

I have never experienced those problems so can’t comment…I think you would be better gradually moving to unsweetened as takes some getting used to. I don’t have a sweet tooth, but am happiest with 50% unsweetened 50% vanilla mix.

Sorry you are experiencing some of these symptoms. I can’t comment on the flushing of your cheeks I’m afraid. But switching to perhaps 50/50 Vanilla:UU may work for you. It is still a little sweet but doesn’t lose the consistency Vanilla Huel has. Hope this helps you out.

I found this improved when I started making Huel with water instead of vodka.


A few tips from an unflavored drinker:
Mix your huel a few hours before you plan to eat it, and leave it in the fridge. It’ll thicken up quite nicely and you just need to give it a quick shake.

Clean your huel bottle/shaker soon after eating, cos it smells terrible after a day or two.

Introduce huel slowly, maybe one shaker a day for a few days, then two for a few more days, etc, giving your body time to adjust. Suddenly increasing the huel in your diet usually cause “the huel farts”, which are incredible.

Niacin flush?