Will drinking Huel really fast cause me any problems?

I’m very new to this “Huel” thing and have a question.

I don’t actually like the taste of Huel, so I drink it as fast as I can to avoid throwing up.

Will drinking Huel like I’m “downing” a pint of larger cause me any serious problems?


Unlikely but a down in 3 seconds magic trick probably isn’t the best way forward.

There are many things you can try on the flavour side. There are the Huel flavour pouches, this thread or the Huel recipes page.

My personal tips are to use chilled bottled water with ice. Leaving it in the fridge for more than 3 hours will also make it smoother. And I presume you’re using Vanilla?

I’m currently using the unflavoured version and each meal I add 1 scoop of protein powder and 1/2 teaspoon of the chocolate flavour booster.

I’ll try putting it in the fridge for a few hours and see how it tastes.

The unflavoured version is very hardcore. I’ve tried it twice and I can’t handle it. The major difference in Vanilla is the presence of a sweetener which masks the earthy taste of unflavoured.


If you haven’t tried the vanilla flavour yet, then you definitely should. Just adding a little of the Huel flavour booster isn’t enough to sweeten it IMO, and last I checked, those flavour boosters use Stevia which many find tastes kinda nasty, whereas the Vanilla Huel uses Sucralose.


Yeah, I think I made a huge mistake by purchasing the unflavoured version.

I didn’t realise that Huel themselves recommend that all beginners try the Vanilla until I had already ordered the Unflavoured.

Totally my fault.

Thanks for the advice guys.
Appreciate it.

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If you have an unopened bag of unflavoured email team@huel.com and see if you can swap it for Vanilla.

I don’t really want the hassle of sending it back.
I’ll probably just order some Vanilla and use 1 scoop of Unflavoured every meal. :+1:

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Quite a few people do that already if they find Vanilla too sweet.

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For 3 scoops of UU, I add half a scoop of chocolate stevia protein powder and 10 drops of chocolate flavdrops from MyProtein.

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To reply to your original comment, no. I use Vanilla primarily for lunch at work and I just chug it. I’m in the US so vanilla is my only flavor option and I don’t really like it. I don’t hate it either, but I’ve found that downing it in a few seconds actually makes me feel more full for longer and have less gas somehow.

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