Exchanging my Huel Vanilla for Unflavoured

Hi, I decided to test myself by having a 100 percent huel diet for 44 days. I’ve run into one problem, I’ve been getting really bad heartburn/throat burn while on it. I have a feeling it may be the artificial sweeteners and flavourings causing this. Therefore, I’d like to exchange my 4 vanilla flavour huel pouches for 4 unflavoured/unsweetened ones. Is this possible? Thanks for reading.

An update on this issue, I ate nothing but the unflavoured today and had 0 issues with heartburn, but now I have 4 unopened bags of the vanilla flavour that I don’t really want.

I don’t believe there is an official procedure for exchanging the powder. The forum is well staffed so I would expect someone from the Huel team to have responded by the end of Monday to help out. If not, email team@huel.com and I’m sure they will accommodate you.

The issue of heartburn has come up a number of times now and it is something which affects me as well. My diet prior to Huel wasn’t great but it was consistent and I rarely got heartburn. I’ve been on Huel about 3-4 weeks now and for the last 2 or so I’ve settled into a routine of a 60/40 split of Huel and regular food, in favour of Huel.

On weekdays I average 2 Huels a day, 1 at lunch and 1 at 5pm and occasionally another 1 as my evening meal. In the afternoon/evening time is when I get my heartburn. Yesterday (Friday) I had a Huel for lunch and by 2pm I had mild heartburn. On weekends when I have only 1 Huel a day I don’t get any heartburn.

Up to today my Huel’s have been 114g but my weightloss has flatlined lately so I’m reducing my calories further and my Huels are now going to be 90g. I had my first 90g Huel for lunch today and felt no heartburn after which is a positive sign but I’ll know more in a week’s time.

Another user did report the same as you that switching to U/U cured their heartburn problem. I have tried the U/U but after getting used to vanilla + flavour first I found it pretty rank. I’ll monitor how I get on with 90g Huels next week before deciding to give U/U another go.

@Julian @JamesCollier your thoughts?

All the info you need is here: https://huel.com/pages/refund-policy

Hey, a thing to consider is Huel interaction with toothpaste. Whichever order you take them it has sometimes caused a really nasty feel in the throat for a day, unless you space them out.

An update to my post above. I’ve been on my reduced Huels of 90g for a week now and my heartburn issue has 95% gone. I still get the odd tingle but it’s mild and doesn’t last long. Either my body was still adjusting to Huel or the volume of Huel was too much for me. I suppose I should be scientific about it and try another 114g Huel to see if it comes back but things are going well right now with my overall food and exercise plan so I don’t want to mess with it. I may try another 114g at some point though and feed it back.

Unsweetened stopped my heartburn.