Huel gave me mouth ulcers

I was a regular consumer of regular vanila Huel for about five years, maybe a bit longer. I would have at least 1x125g/day but regularly would have 2 and rarely 3 depending how busy my day is. I consume about 3k kcals a day and the rest was whole homecooked foods.

How soon after it started I’m not sure, but I dont think it was immediate. However for the past 3-4 years I pretty much always had mouth ulcers. I’d get maybe a week break between 3-4 weeks of ‘outbreaks’. It would range from a handful all the way up to 40 or so. All over my mouth, mostly on contact surfaces but also under tongue/gums below teeth etc.

I chalked it up to stress (I have a hectic lifestyle with a high stress job, I had occasional ulcers as a child) and got on with things. When I stopped Huel (usually around holidays) theyd settle down but I falsly correlate that with lower stress/time off.

I switched to a competitor about 6 months ago and since then I’ve had zero ulcers. None in six months is life changing for me. I no longer have to carry creams constantly, avoid foods and I can talk freely.

I’m considering re-introducing huel to see what happens. I have two theories, either I developed an intolerance to something in Huel and started having allergic reactions to it or I’m not able to absorb something from Huel which led to a deficiency. I think the latter is less likely because I was still eating a good volume of normal food.

Do you have any idea what in Huel could contribute to debilitating mouth ulcers? If I could figure out what it is I can avoid it in future too.

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I think it may be a little premature to boldly say “Huel [definitely] gave me mouth ulcers” - if for no other reason than to give the Huel team a fair opportunity to respond with some hopefully-helpful insight. :slight_smile:

I do hope you get to the bottom of the cause, and I’m glad to hear you’re perhaps over the worst of the ulcers - even just one is no fun :frowning:


To identify one ingredient which doesn’t agree with you simplest approach to narrow it down will be to identify which ingredients are in Huel and are absent in the competitor formula. List those ingredients here and someone might be better able to advise.

Hi @RollerBall - thanks for letting us know about this issue you’ve been experiencing.

To help me look into this for you, please shoot me a direct message here and let me know which competitor product you’ve been using I can then have a look at their ingredients and come back to you.

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