Both me and my son started using the total protein on Saturday. And by the Monday I had ulcers starting to appear in our mouths. I was telling my son about this on the following Thursday . And to my dismay, he to had been suffering with ulcers all week. We have both stopped the huel and the ulcers are starting to disappear. Has anyone else had this issue with huel? If so, did you carry on regardless and the ulcers stopped or did the ulcers continue?? Would be good to know

Sounds like an allergic reaction. Maybe fava bean or hemp seed or piperine. If you have histamine intolerance it might also be via the mechanism of histamine liberation, depending on the flavour this could also be the problem. Which one did you try? One that you also use in your regular shakes or products that you tolerate?

Pea protein should not be the culprit, as it is contained in virtually every Huel product. Or don’t you consume other Huel products?

Hi @Macey

Sorry to hear this. A few questions:

  1. Have you or your son had any other Huel products previously?
  2. Have either of you had issues with ulcers previously?
  3. If so, have either of you ever found a link with consuming anything else?


Nope, nope and nope. It’s definitely the huel. I discontinued the use of it and the ulcers disappeared. I decided to try agai with it watered down and my mouth was full of Ulcers again. Binned. It’s dealt with now. Customer service was brilliant and got a refund the same day

Hi Macey

Sorry to hear you’ve had these issues, but great that our team sorted it.