Three birds one stone-huel

was wondering if anyone has gastritis and used huel and if so what reaction…and also does anyone else get dry mouth from huel? + huel when mixed with water 650mls of water exactly as it asks 4 times a day surley ur overdosing on water we need 2.2 litres of water a day but 650 x 4 is 2.6 plus the water on top you have to drink for the dry mouth??? im gunna die swear down

Been using huel for about 5 meals a week, for nearly a year.

Dry mouth? Yes. I put it down to the powdery-ness of it. Even with the water you add, it leaves me a bit dry.

Too much water? Probably not. That 650ml rehydrates the dry powder. All food has water in it, usually quite a lot. So don’t think of that 650ml as part of your daily water in take so much as a normal part of food.

Hello again. I agree with the previous comment about water intake. I’m on huel 100% (4x2x38g) + some whey protein for the last few months, so far so good as in, no signs of adverse effects. As long as you visit the toilet appropriately and not hold it in you should be fine. I’m saying that because holding it in has been known to cause stomach ache and stomach related issues.

As far as gastritis goes I don’t see how huel would affect it, since it would have to be a contaminated batch and would have affected most people taking it. I’m not insinuating anything here but in the past, most times I was dealing with gastritis at work (health care industry) it was down to unclean environment and equipment i.e. utensils or dishes that haven’t been washed properly, dirty door knobs and basically all the known ways bacteria can spread and infect. I’d suggest to make sure you prepare your huel with a blender that takes beakers and make sure both your beaker and glass/shaker (whatever it is you use to drink it) has been washed properly before use. I know people who will only wash it once a day or even every other day, thinking that their own bacteria won’t hurt them. That of course is not true.

I know that it sounds like a lot to do and or course huel is meant to save us time. Personal hygiene though and, especially when it affects what goes in our body, can’t be avoided.

Again, good luck and merry Christmas!