Huel and gerd

Hello everyone,
First of all, I’m sorry for my bad English, I’m trying to improve :sweat_smile:
I would like to ask to all of you some little advices. Yesterday I bought my first Huel pack, especially the vanilla and the berry new ones. I read some posts about people that found benefits with GERD and indigestion, two problems that are ruining my days. I’m not taking PPI or any sort of medication, except one Gaviscon 3 times per day after every meal. I’m very stressed and I have hiatal hernia, so I think my symptoms are due to these two things.
Could someone please give me some advice? I was thinking to use Huel only for that meals that I have no time to prepare, especially lunch. And also, I have the problem that I lose weight too fast, because I’ve always have a too fast metabolisms. How much Huel powdered should I use for every meal? And how much water? I was thinking to take 3 spoons and 400 ml of water, to blend this and add some ice inside, than drink slowly in a half an hour. Is this right?
Thanks to all!

Hi, I have the same problems. Gaviscon too, usually before going to bed.

Actually I found benefits drinking Huel as dinner, it gives me less problems when I go to bed then eating normal meals. But it’s very variable, so it depends.

The best thing is to try, as everyone have a different response (for example, I’ve never found a correlation between foods mentioned by my gastroenterologist and the symptoms.
Hope you’ll have a nice experience! :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile: how much powder and water do you use? Just to know where to start :joy:

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I use 100gr of powder for 500ml of water. But I’ve started steps by steps, because in the first days a diet rich in fibers can give problems with air and such things :slight_smile: So first days I did only 50gr with 250ml of water, and then I raised the level.
I also eat Granola every morning, so I basically do 2 of 3 meals with Huel, and the other with solid food.

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Okay! Thanks!
50 gr of Huel are more or less 200 kcal, this can’t be a lunch or a breakfast, right? Is it a sort of snack?
Sorry for these stupid questions, but I’ve always eaten what was near to me without thinking about calories and nutrients, and I’m afraid to lose weight (I’ve already a very low BMI). Indeed, I’m hoping to maintain or, better, to gain some kg!

Don’t worry, same questions I had when I started :slight_smile:
Yes of course during the first days I used Huel as a “side dish”, just to let Huel and my bowels know each other :smiley:

I needed to loose some kilos, not too much. If you need to gain, when you reach your pace, you probably want to do like 120-140gr of Huel (it’s always 1:5 standard ratio, then you can see if you like to have it more liquid, more water, or more solid, less water). I tried 120gr and it was too much for me, but I know people who drinks 160gr without problems. Eventually you can also split it and have like more little meals.

Thank you! You’re very patient! It could be very easier speaking in Italian (I’m from Florence :D). When you say a 1:5 ratio, is it like 100 gr, 500 ml of water?

My huel consumption is slightly different …
2 scoops in 300 ml water Shaken (not stirred :wink:) two to three timees a day
Plus a ‘normal’ meal normally about 6pm

Thank you for your reply!
I think it’s way too much for me, because I would like to use only as lunch replacement. However, I’m afraid to miscalculate the kcal and nutrients per days and have a dysfunctional and not balanced diet.
I normally have breakfast early the morning (cereals or biscuits and milk) a snack in the middle of the morning (fruit or crackers), lunch, a little snack (as the snack before) in the afternoon and then dinner (usually bigger than lunch).

One scoop is (very approximately) 150 cal
So 2 scoops = 300 cal +/- per meal

And yes it takes a couple of days for your body to get used to Huel …

It does say 5 to 1 mixture …but each of us like the taste in a different way (my own preference I like it thin with cold water and can down the whole lot in less than 5 seconds …) so go by what you like … there is no rule saying you must have it this way or that way …
Add food flavourings or syrups for a little variety
Add fresh fruits and blend to add a little variety
Each of us are different …

Stick with it and find your own favourite


Yeah, one of the best things is to find your perfect match with Huel :slight_smile:
I like to drink it very slowly, usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to have it all, and taste the single sip. :slight_smile:

If you want to speak in italian feel free to write me in PM! :slight_smile:

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