Hello I have Gerd

Hi I’m 52, female and due to being seriously ill with pneumonia just over a year ago have managed to put on two and a half stone! I have also developed Gerd and take Ranitidine tablets to combat it. Two tablets per 24 hours.

I’m now at the stage where I am upping my fitness levels by being more active but the poor eating habits (comfort eating) that I’ve developed since being ill and at home eating for the sake of it, have been harder to kick!

My children are adults and I’m now on my own, so don’t have anyone to discourage me from eating crap!

My main problem is fluid intake. I cannot stand the taste of drinking water still or sparkling on its own! I don’t drink tea or coffee but am ‘addicted’ to drinking Cherry flavoured Pepsi Max! I know, I know! I like Vimto no added squash when I can be bothered to make it.

However, even drinking the above crap, I don’t actually drink enough. I drink under a litre a day, often only half a litre a day.

All my adult life I have only had a maximum of two wee’s a day, once in the morning and once at night due to my very low intake of fluids. That’s great for avoiding public toilets during the day but I am worried that in the future I might get kidney stones or other health problems.

So, I’m sorry for the mega long post, but I’m considering buying Huel and drinking three shakes a day and having a light meal.

Any advice or suggestions greatly received, thank you.


I have gerd too. Drinking Huel for dinner helps me a lot, I have less reflux going to bed. So it’s fine.
But, even if it’s liquid, as far as I know the high amount of fibers in Huel means that you actually have to drink more than before, so it’s not a “water” substitute. Drinking water (or other liquids…but really not caffeine or pepsi or coke stuff, that’s really nasty for gerd, one of the first things, along with alcool, that my doctor told me to avoid) is always the best practice in the long term, especially if you are working out. Rehydration is an important part of every fitness program, like good nutrition. :slight_smile:
I struggle with drinking too, not because I don’t like it but because I simply forget it during the day, when I don’t feel the need. I always bring a bottle with me, to remind.

I don’t know, if you don’t like water taste you could prepare bottles of tea to leave in the fridge, or something like it…to add flavor. Not ideal, but better than pepsi. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your kind reply. I’ve made an order for the original Huel and the mint chocolate flavour boost.

I am going to have to kick my fizzy drink habit so now will be a good time when I start on my Huel journey! I will add a little bit of squash to water just to make it taste ok!

Thank you again for replying to me. Xxx


I have 400 ml water with 3 scoops, then make a tea / coffee and tip that in the empty shaker. swill it round and drink.

You could swill with water and drink what wouldn’t be water but very weak Huel?

So that’d be 650ml without thinking about drinking water - times however many Huel meals you have.


Thank you, that sounds a good idea! I can certainly try it.

Hi @whippet you definitely have to consider Huel a food and not a drink.
Pretty much everyone finds they need to increase their fluid intake.
I’ve always drunk loads of water but found I was subconsciously drinking less when I started Huel as I felt like I was drinking when consuming Huel and therefore drank less. So I’ve had to make a conscious effort to drink more since Huel!

Just a suggestion that may help, if you haven’t already tried it, but using a straw (preferably a BPA free reuseable silicon straw) can make it way easier and pleasureable to drink cold drinks.
Try adding a little squeeze of lemon (or squash or whatever your preference is) and some ice, always use a nice shaped pint glass (makes all the difference) and drink through a straw - you may find this helps A LOT.

Also experiment with using filtered water (even when adding flavouring to your drink), and chilling it, to see if these two things help too.

I didn’t know what is was so I had to look it up :wink:

Hey I have been a Huel lover for 2+ years now and unfortunately this year I had a lot of trouble with acid reflux. I went to see my doctor and we are treating it with Esomeprazole but I just wanted to say that my Gastroenterologist had heard of Huel and enthusiastically recommended it, as it is kind on the tum and guts (if not for a little “adjustment” period at first)

I used to suffer from GERD, there was no identified cause; I had an inflamed xiphoid process that made a sound like a golf ball being dropped into a plastic cup. Painful too. It may have been the GERD that caused the xiphoid process issues; the consultant wasn’t sure. It may have been a rowing related injury (machine not with my wife). Not really had any issues since using Huel.

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Good luck Jo!
I too used to have GERD, also on/off xiphoid process pain. Not nice. A low FODMAP diet helped with this and also relieved some of my IBS symptoms but not all. Then along came Huel. After years of discomfort, two Huel meals a day plus a carefully chosen, home-cooked meal in the evening (mostly a variety of veggies) now has my digestive system back on an even keel. Bliss! :+1::grinning:

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@Whippet I am curious to know how you are getting on with the Huel and have you managed to kick the fizzy drinks


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