Hello, world!

Hello Huelers :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been drinking Huel for about two weeks now.
And it helped me a lot!

I’m a nursing student and I’m sometimes not able to have a few minutes break to even pee.

So sometimes I’m working late shift until 10pm, coming home, going to sleep (no meal at work, none at home), wake up too late in the morning for morning shift (5am) and I’m UNABLE to eat anything. Then sometimes I wouldn’t even find time to eat that shift… Went home, tired, hungry, thirsty, fell into bed.

Until now, i just managed to drink three glasses of water to get my kidneys and metabolism running in the early morning.

Which worked.

Huel is a nice way to break this vicious circle :slight_smile:

I’m so happy for it.

Huel is also environmentally, socially and animal friendly, which is really important to me.

I’m a ideal-driven type of human.

With high expectations on myself and liberal expectations on others.

Which makes life somewhat hard sometimes.

With Huel I’m close enough to my ideals, which makes me happy :slight_smile:

I love cooking and also eating, sharing meals with family and friends, which I continue to do. Just cooked a nice Coq au vin :slight_smile:
But at home, alone, I went 99% Huel, as I don’t need the best food experience all the time. Actually, that makes me enjoy good food even more :wink:
Once in a while I make myself an omelet.

Physically, I’ve been better focused at work, sleeping better and got more pleasure training :smiley:

Let’s see how this continues. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

PS: all I got was some acid reflux once a while.


I have had occasional reflux. Rarely though, and I did have it before Huel…