What benefits do you feel from using Huel?

Just sipping a banana powder 3.1 shake here as I do most mornings now. Got me wondering, for all of you other regulars on here, what main benefits do you feel from having Huel in your diet?

On the positive: For me it’s definitely improved / more steady good mood. And constant trickle of energy across the day from the sipping over 1.5 hours per bottle whilst working. And a lot of saved time / energy at lunch - I can just go for a walk now with the time. And getting home from work, no more spending ages cooking.

On the negative: If I don’t drink water steadily along with the powder shakes, I get a light sort of sore head… fixing this makes it go away so thankful for that. The other thing is, sometimes the powder in the mornings can trigger a rather pressing, urgent bowel movement… but that has become quite routine and is easy to work around without being too much of an issue.

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Hmmm, feel not so much?, more a case of seeing the benefits? I find when I use the shakes more often, I can regulate my blood pressure/sugars better and with less medication which in itself definitely has a psychological boost too. I’m giving some serious consideration to moving to 100% or close to for a while and see how that pans out.


I have more time for things I actually enjoy.


I don’t think I feel any benefit using Huel over other types of diet but it simplifies life a little and saves me a little time.


More time for things one actually enjoys? What if I am unable to enjoy anything?
Maybe it is at least a good thing to have sustainable products, that don’t cause that much damage to the environment and other living beings.


Such jolly for a Friday.


Some day days you just don’t wish to put pan to flame and just want something quick. I don’t have any stomach issues with black, so before bedtime, may have a small glass with skimmed or water. Beats having anything that may affect sleep.

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My bowel problems have improved dramatically since using BE shakes daily.


I can fly a kite even when it’s a calm day due to the wind I generate*

*Not actually true as I don’t suffer from the anecdotal Huel farts.

Time saving for sure I have 2 x Huel Shakes during the day or prep the night before if away with work and then a light evening meal depending the mood I am in, I have recently tried the Huel Bottled Shakes which are very nice indeed at the Nisa Expo! overall very happy.
However I do often suffer with the Huel bottom burps now and then :grin: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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What benefits?( just typing this as not 100% sure I am answering the same thread). I have Huel just to get something inside me in the morning as I had no appetite in the morning and I do various exercise things and classes from about 8am - 11am (not continuously but in this time frame). I must suffer from low blood sugar as I often get absolutely exhausted and v hungry about an hour after the exercise and can remain tired all day. Maybe this would be worse if I didn’t hav the Huel. p.s. I enjoy Huel but really don’t if its not drank almost straight away i.e. I don’t like it when it goes gooey if made a long time before or the night before.

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It removes a daily source of irritation from my life and corrects (or at least manages) disordered eating. I have a health condition which makes me very tired a lot of the time, plus ADHD which gives me food choice paralysis that often ends in just not eating anything. It’s so nice to have something super quick and easy sitting in the cupboard that requires no brain power or energy and very little washing up, but that’s also healthy, takes care of literally all of my nutrition and suits a vegan diet. Honestly, it’s improved my quality of life and my health so much! If only I’d had access to it in my teens! Thank you, Huel! (P.S. bring the black bars back though, yeah? Haha!)


Treat Huel like it is actual food and not just a protein shake, and you’ll see the difference. I drink 2-3 times a day and noticed significant improvements in my metabolism and bowel movement. My stool size, shape, and color looks far healthier than before I started drinking Huel. My blood tests show significant reduction in LDL, Triglycerides, and Cholesterol.

Some of my friends who drink Huel don’t see the same results because they drink it like a protein supplement once a day or before workout, and then they go off eating junk meals regularly. Drinking Huel to them becomes an excuse to eating unhealthy.

I’m actually convinced that even if you try to cook a healthy meal/salad yourself, Huel will still be a far superior food. That is because your “healthy” cooked meal is just not as complete. If you try to make a nutriotionally complete and balanced meal, it will be more expensive and time consuming.

The other important thing is that you will become full most of the time. I have 0 snacks and sugary beverages in my kitchen now. Despite my WFH routine, I no longer have the urge to snack when I feel full most of the time. So I saved a ton of money, those snacks and beverages actually cost a lot. You can redistribute those savings to having fancy dinners or drinks during the weekends.

The cheapest option is to go with the powdered version. I must confess though that it doesn’t taste as good as Huel drink, and overtime I got tired of drinking it. So I fixed this by mixing the powdered version with 150 ml of oatmilk, 250 ml of water, and 1/4 cup of some frozen berries. Tastes perfect like a smoothie.


That’s a great summary and one I agree with. Although I don’t consume Huel 100% (I will occasionally for a month or so but normally 2 meals a day) I do agree that it’s often difficult to make a nutritionally complete meal even when eating healthily.