Positive Benefits of Huel - Share Yours

I think it would be fun to hear everyone share positive benefits from Huel as there seem to be many and also different for everyone :blush:


You have the best user name, just before we get started…

So, in no particular order…

Nutritionally Complete - as a 25+ year non-meat-eater who has little clue about carbs, protein, potassium etc etc and who gives way too few whatsits to learn, I love the fact that, at least once a day, I’m getting everything my body needs.

Convenient - I do occasionally enjoy cooking up a dish - my signature few are dhal, Kajarri, and omlette, and I don’t think I’ve spelt any of them correctly - but on a day-to-day basis, I love the fact that Huel takes a minute or so to prepare, and few minutes to consume, and a minute or less to wash up afterwards. With no compromise on health and nutrition.

Great Taste - I really enjoy the vanilla flavour and, after a whole year of using it every day, I rarely get bored with it, and usually look forward to my next one. The “New & Improved” version is vile, in my opinion, but let’s not rattle that particular debate again…

Great Value - I’ve been ‘between contracts’ now since September, and the fact that my Huel consumption has massively reduced my grocery bill has been hugely helpful through these belt-tightening months.

Weight Loss - this was kind of an unexpected bonus for me. At 5’10", a year ago I was twelve and a half stone (79kg) which was starting to feel overly heavy. Especially when my Mum remarked that I was starting to look unusually chubby. In five months, from May last year, I dropped a stone and a half and now, at 11 stone (70kg) I feel I’m at my perfect fighting weight. Intermittent fasting for the past few months (8pm to noon) has helped, too.

I think that about covers it for me…


Thank you buddy!
Great reply also!

Surely more people have had benefits from using Huel?!

For me too! I used to work as a waiter and used to have to make something healthy and filling for my lunch breaks (<30mins generally unless on a super long shift). Bit of a pain and in the end wasn’t always that delicious, making more delicious would have either made it even less convenient or unhealthy.

I love not having to worry about my next days food in the evening. I eat a traditional meal but once that’s done I don’t have to do anything else. You know that feeling when you’re wrapping up the evening activites and you go “Damn, I haven’t made lunch for tomorrow” - no more!

More plant-based food
Not only are at least a third of my meals plant-based now, I’m now also don’t look strangely at my plate wondering where the meat is. Previously it would have been weird to see a plate without meat/animal protein on, it just wouldn’t have happened - completely subconciously in the very British meat and two veg sort of way! Now I think when planning my dinners for the week “Do I actually need meat, or is there something else I could have that doens’t have meat in but is super delicious too”.

Any more?


After 14 days of Huel I’m already in love. That’s why:

It’s easy: as written above, it’s fast to prepare. When I work, especially in the evening, I tend to stay very focused. Knowing that Huel is waiting for me in the fridge already prepared and ready to go is a great feeling. I do like cooking too, but more for others then for myself, and not having a family I don’t need to.

It helps me eat slower: When eating normal food, I usually eat too fast. I try not too, but it’s a bad habit very difficult to fight. Huel is great to sit on the couch or at the desk and sip slowly, as a drink. I have to try it walking in the park, too.

It makes me feel satisfied: First time I experienced this sensation I felt quite weird (in a positive way), but now I recognize and love it. After finding the right recipe for me, when I drink a shake I feel just satisfied. Not full and heavy, like before. Not hungry. Just fine. And that’s great. :slight_smile: Yes, the first days I had some issues :nauseated_face:, but now they’re gone. :cowboy_hat_face:

It makes me feel psychologically better: 14 days aren’t enough to know if it will help me to improve my health. But knowing that finally I’m eating the right amount of fibers and other important stuff, or at least more than before, without having to buy a lot of veggies, makes me feel better in my brain. That’s important, I guess.

It eases my GERD sympthoms: As I said in other topics, I have a strong hiatal hernia with gastroesophageal reflux that’s a pain…in the ass, or better, in the stomach, esophagus and throat. When I have a Huel meal it seems it’s greatly reduced. Still there, but better. That’s why I’m having Huel dinners: I feel better when I go to bed.

It’s not extremist: I don’t like extreme dietary programs, or vegetarianism / veganism. I don’t like extremism in general. I respect, of course, every opionion, but I want to eat my pizza with our marvellous buffalo mozzarella, or fish and meatballs and bolognese sauce. And other stuff I love. So I like that Huel is unobtrusive: one Huel a day, two, three, full, whatever you like.

And last but not least:
I love the taste: I know, it’s subjective, but I loved it since the first sip. Good work @Tim_Huel and the others! :slight_smile:

Next week, as soon as Huel will ship my tuesday order, I’ll try Granola and can’t wait! :smile:


I am type two diabetic and since going on Huel, my sugar levels are excellent. Easy to mix. Easy to drink especially with a spoonful or two of Decaf instant coffee. During the day, I feel a bit peckish, but really I guess it is for a snack, which I don’t have, but after my 6 o’clock Huel, I don’t feel hungry at all. I am on 100% Huel to lose weight, of which I am still hopeful for…


Thanks for sharing folks! I hope everyone will post their success stories.

This is day 7 for me. I am finding Huel so convenient and yummy :yum:

Knowing that a completely balanced and low FODMAP meal resides in a bowl of granola or shake is comforting to me. No more heaps of washing up or thinking what to have, apart from dinner that is. Less shopping.

My skin, hair and nails seem healthier. I feel more hydrated. My digestion feels a little calmer (IBS), less upper abdo discomfort, less acid. Still some bloating but I feel it’s not as much as it was. I would love to say I am brimming with energy but do feel that I have a little more than I did :muscle::smile:

My scales are showing 1lb less than when I started. Hooray! :sunglasses::grin: I currently have a BMI of 26.2 and need to bring it back to within the normal healthy weight range. Am confident I can do this with Huel and keeping my calories in check.

Prior to starting Huel my diet was getting more and more restrictive but more calorific. I stuck to low FODMAP foods but even some of those would trigger a reaction. Lots of food intolerances and inexplicable flare-ups so I comforted myself by snacking on more of the foods I could eat.

Exercise consists of an hour a day walking with my two lovely dogs :dog2::dog2:

I will try going 100% Huel at some stage but for now am happy with two meals Huel and one meal normal food.

So far, so good. Thank you Huel! :grin:


Oh wow! Nice one, Bee, thanks so much for letting us know. Love hearing about all the tangible physical benefits as well as the benefits to your schedule too. So interesting hearing that sort of stuff and we’re thrilled that you’re loving Huel so much.

You’re so welcome, thanks for being part of it!

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All physical and mental benefits aside, Huel has made me more environmental friendly. I run the dishwasher maybe twice a week instead of every day. I eat less meat. Since I hardly ever go to the supermarket I drive my car less often. I don’t buy loads of food and other stuff I don’t need, which makes me produce less garbage.



More words 'cos discourse told me this isnt a complete sentence…


Crazy woman.

Not that crazy… when I cook, I really cook. I mean check out my spicy butternut squash huel recipe and you can get an idea of the size of my spice cuboard. I don’t do things by halves.
I go all out and use loads of ingredients and make huge big pans of stuff, so I can freeze it into portions for later.
I seem to use every pot, pan, chopping board and utensil that I own, just for one meal.
So yes, I hate washing up. Love cooking. Hate washing up.

Huel = one shaker to wash. Woooooooooooooo
Happy Christina


Funny how it thinks crazy woman IS a complete sentence :stuck_out_tongue:


I was more referring to giving the kiss of life to a 3 month old thread just to post LESS WASHING UP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s very wierd… maybe discourse doesn’t like me :thinking:

hahahaha well maybe thats why discoure objected!

I think its cos I’ve been doing pretty much 100% Huel for about a week now (bar my one night of apocalypse water shortage induced need to order pizza), so I have literally had to wash nothing but my shaker and my water glass all week. I am so happy. Little things please little people. I’m fairly little.


More time for trolling…or did i say that last time?

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Since I have been using Huel, probably 80% of my diet is Huel. I have found that after the first month my body settled down and got used to the new diet. Not that it needed much settling down as I seemed to take to Huel quite well. I find that I am sleeping a lot better and the quality of sleep is much better. I am having some very vivid dreams, not nightmares, dreams. My bowels work a lot better and I have a general feeling of wellbeing. :+1: