Unexpected benefits of Huel

So I’ve been slowly weening myself onto Huel for a while now. It took me a while to get used to several things.

Firstly it seems a ltitle gritty at first, and the flavour was rather bland. I found myself not too eager to eat it. This was partly due to the fact I have always been an over-eater, so switching to Huel didn’t seem enough. It was also difficult to pick Huel over a chinese take-away, pizza or other quick options. Where it really started to win over was Burger King / McDonalds etc. As a commuter I am often sat next to one of these on the platform for the train home. Having Huel in my bag saves me £5 a day that I travel home hungry. This difference is actually enough to get a first class ticket on my busy commuter train, which happens to let me work on the train home and save even more time.

I started with one meal a day, then two, and now I’m eating for about most of the week only Huel for 3 full meals (and only because I eat out with workmates once or twice).

I’ve found that instead of slumping after a midday meal, I tend to sip Huel like water throughout the day. I never feel hungry, never eat, and can actually leave work an hour early because I didn’t need to take a lunch break.

The biggest benefit to me so far has been that I have not switched my fridge on these last two weeks, at all. I simply have no use for it anymore. I live on a boat and most of my power comes from solar, in the winter I often have to plug in to shore power for the fridge - and it looks like Huel has saved me from this cost. Major win.

To top it off, my gas bottle usage has reduce significantly, and I imagine it will reduce further as I have now switched to Huel as my primary food source. I use the gas purely for cups of tea, and nothing more. Another strong saving.

Thought I’d mention it incase anyone was looking at Huel in a similar situation to me, and as a thanks for the benefits of such a great product.


Really cool! I’m not using Huel quite as much as you but have noticed the amazing benefit of time its saved me too. Make it up the night before for breakfast and lunch which saves me so much time and worry, really has de stressed me incredibly, not to mention I feel great on it.

Also, you live on a boat?! That’s awesome haha.

Great feedback - you’ve noted the not-so-obvious benefits of a Huel diet!

@majora13 Hi, thanks for sharing your experience! I hope you don’t mind if I use a quote or two for facebook / twitter? I won’t post your full name there of course. :smile:

@SophieMarketingHuel - not at all, quote away!

Ay, majora. I’ve had some unexpected benefits from Huel too. I’m phobic about eating. I’m not bulemic or anorexic, I just hate the time-wasting rigmarole of preparing food and cleaning up afterwards. And as I have little sense of taste (I spent 50 years smoking tobacco before I gave it up last year), the eating process gives me no pleasure at all. So I used to eat very little.

Using Huel I can make a batch the night before - blended with fruit - and drink it the next day, every hour, as a meal replacement. That tops up my nutrition and saves time, and…

it has rescued my marriage. (I don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink now or splash oil over the stove.)

I look forward to trying the non-sweetened variety. Marmite-flavoured Huel! Who needs fillet steak?


I’ve been replacing one to two meals a day for the last week, no negative side effects. Going to two meals to three when I’m doing yoga in the evenings next week. I run every morning and work from home, so stopping to make food is a pain and like @JohnYeoman said there’s loads of prep and clearing up and for the most part its just me. BORING and TIME CONSUMING I realised… Unexpected benefits so far are:
My kitchen work surfaces are MUCH clearer. I’ve put away my juicer and all sorts of pots, jars etc. …so less tempted by food or food prep items that triggered me wanting to eat.
My house doesnt smell of stale cooking
There’s slowly but surely less food in the fridge (especially that which was snacky) so again less temptation to eat cr@p food.
but this is the one:

TIME: I reckon I have saved already about 3 hours per day - 21 hours per week.

by not shopping for food (I lilke healthy so organic and free from foods are expensive and I buy from different places), and I’m not planning meals, prepping cooking, cleaning up etc. etc.


I also feel relieved about not having to plan prep and eat food. It’s quite indescribable. I realised I like food - when someone else cooks it. Which is never cos my husband doesn’t cook. I like food when I eat out. I lilke food maybe three times per week when I can take my time to cook it, rather than constantly cook and prep and especially in the evenings, when I realised that I was racing around after finishing work, trying to get something together and by the time I had I wasnt hungry anymore but ate anyway.

Plus, my groceries bill has shrunk massively.

Sure, some might say it’s star trek food, but I fee great, I have more time in my week too!

Roll on!

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