Gastritis help!

Hi Huel and everyone,

I have been diagnosed with Gastritis caused by most likely a month off from work and over indulging in lots and lots of red wine, rich food, coffee and I would take quite a lot of aspirin if I was hungover. Silly and naive 25 year old me didn’t realise that was a perfect concoction for inflaming my stomach lining!

My doctor has had me on PPIs (reduces stomach acid production to give the stomach some nicer conditions to recover in) for 5 weeks but there is no sign of any real recovery.

I have been told that diet is absolutely key in the recovery from gastritis and I am struggling to find something that works for me… I have been a Hueligan for over a year and love the black addition and the white snack bars.

MY MAIN QUESTION is, does anyone know if it is a good idea to start using Huel shakes and the bars in my daily diet in this period of stomach recovery? I know I am meant to be eating really plain food, rice, boiled eggs, grilled fish and that type of food, but because I work in an environment where all my food is cooked for me, I can’t control what is provided.

Has anyone had gastritis who can give me some advice?

Is Huel natural enough to be having with an inflamed stomach or is there lots of chemicals or irritants in the powder and the bars that would be a problem?

I’m at a total loss as to how to get better, how long it will take and what I should be eating.

Thank you so much to anyone that replies

I’m a Macmillan Upper GI CNS so deal with gastritis associated with cancer. This is happily not that.
The trick is to stop the causative irritants, acknowledge and tackle stressors, love yourself more and be patient. PPIs take weeks - minimum of 6 - to begin to work their magic.
Not being a gastroenterologist or dietitian I can’t offer specifics but I can’t see any issue with huel products if you have them mindfully and introduce change gradually.
It’s a painful experience and I wish you luck.

Hi @Thb

Hope things start to settle down soon :face_with_thermometer:. Some good advice from @Effie above. All Huel products should be fine, but I would introduce them slowly. It’s unlikely that they’d irritate the stomach, but, as your stomach is likely not doing its role in digestion as it should, foods may leave the stomach not as broken down as they otherwise should be, meaning more work for the intestinal processes. Maybe start with one serving a day for a few days and work up from there.

Any other questions; just give us a shout :slight_smile:

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