Hi ‘Huel’ , I was diagnosed with Gastritis just before Xmas and have been trying to help myself as much as I can. The doc gave me some PPI but for me they made it worse. I’ve been eliminating foods that clearly aggravate my tum as well as juicing to try and help heal and ‘rejuvenate’ my poor stomach. I do feel like I would like to give it a bit of a rest ( help it recover ) by eliminating solid food for a couple of weeks but thought I’d hop onto this forum to seek out other experiences / ‘opinion’ - Many thanks in advance x

I have a severe hiatal hernia with gastroesophageal reflux, I know PPI well (they help me, but I can’t take them for more than 2 weeks at a time because they mess with my bowel a lot).

I’m using Huel since 10 days or so, only 1 Huel meal a day, and I actually noticed a decrease in symptoms. For example, if I eat normal food at dinner, I usually have problems when I go to bed, even if I take spoons of sodium alginate. With Huel is greatly better, in the last days.
But I can’t say for sure because my symptoms are very erratic, so it may be just a coincidence. I can say for sure that Huel didn’t aggravate them, up to now. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply very helpful ! You say you have one ‘huel’ meal a day - What time of day do you take it ?

It depends on the day, sometimes at lunch, sometimes at dinner. My target is to have two Huel meals a day, breakfast with Granola and lunch or dinner with Huel powder. I’m experimenting because the first days I had some issues adjusting to the new diet (mostly bowel bloating), but now is definitely better and I like it a lot. :slight_smile:

OK thanks for that - I’m so glad you feel better - I’m just having such a bad day today - Normally my symptoms kick in at night when my stomach empties and I’m laying down. I’m usually woken two or three times in the early hours with dreadful burning pain. I have had the ‘camera down’ recently so nothing too nasty was found thank goodness - Like I said doc / consultant prescribed PPI’s first one brand, then another - I have tried but they make me feel dreadful - Ranitidine is ok but the relief does not last long - Anyway I’m willing to give this a go - Fingers crossed I can find some relief as I’m loosing sleep which in grand scheme of things is the most important component in aiding recovery and fighting disease. :raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀️

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I know the feeling, I also have trouble sleeping because of the hernia. I hope you’ll find a way! :slight_smile: Yesterday I had a normal dinner and now I woke up with sore throat like everytime I sleep with strong reflux. That’s the way I discovered I had the hernia years ago, I had an inexplicable continuos strong sore throat resistant to antibiotics, until I found a smart doctor who instead of automatically giving me meds started asking some questions unrelated to the throat.
I’ll try to stick with Huel for dinner and see what happens. :slight_smile: