Sore / swollen throat - potential side effect?

I’ve been 100% Huel for a few days now. Feeling more alert, especially in the afternoon, which i expected. Generally feeling full and cravings are dissipating. Looking forward to making some solid food using it at the weekend. However, I’ve developed a sore/swollen throat - to the left and feeling like going into my sinuses. Could just be a coincidence but I was healthy before starting on Huel. Obviously I don’t want to put anyone else off through reading about side effects but I just wondered if there could be a reason for this?


The two main possibilities that spring to mind are:

  • It could just be a coincidence that you caught a virus at the same time.

  • You might have an allergy or intolerance to one or more of the ingredients.

is there anything in Huel that you don’t normally eat?

I don’t know of being allergic to any of the ingredients. I eat a lot of different foods normally. Not feeling run down or like having the cold either. Hopefully I’m not allergic to Huel!

Also, I’m probably about 700-1000 calories under my recommended intake - not sure if that is going to influence in anyway.

Probably just a little infection but just asking in case it their was an obvious cause.