First Two Days of Using Huel: Headache, Tiredness/Fatigue, Aches Around Joints and Jaw?

I bought the berry and vanilla flavor, and have started with berry. My diet before using Huel was… bad, really bad. Yesterday’s first use resulted in a mild headache, mild jaw ache, and a general feeling of fatigue.

On the second day, the headache is lessening, and I’m also now experiencing aches around my elbows, shoulders, and knuckles. The feeling of tiredness and the mild aches around my jaw still persist. None of these issues were present before using Huel.

I have a couple of health issues; keratoconus in my left eye, eczema – which I’ve now controlled and has pretty much disappeared – I think I may have ecchymosis around my foot – discoloration of the skin resulting from bleeding underneath – but I’ll have to confirm with the doctor, and I have social anxiety.

What is going on here?

What have you taken out of your diet, in order to put Huel in?
If you have cut sugar, msg, additives, etc etc ie lots of junk, it’s totally possible you are experiencing withdrawal / detox symptoms.
I have experienced this in the past - not with Huel - but suddenly drastically cutting junk, sweets, sugar, crap, processed food from my diet, and boy did I feel really ill for about 3/4 days as my body pretty much shut down from the shock!

I doubt you are getting a reaction to anything in Huel - more likely a reaction to a sudden change in diet - either stick with it and put up with feeling terrible for a few days, in the knowledge that your body will recover and be stronger. Or, take it more slowly and only replace one meal with a two-scoop shake per day, for one week, then build up gradually.